Wednesday, December 19, 2007

VIII. Side Scan Sonar search

Video: The Search for Natalee Holloway - R/V Persistence Dec 26, 2007

Update: Fri Dec-28 2143 hrs

The USBL calibrations are completed. The Persistence just reached the dock to spend the night and take on fresh water. The ROV test dive will proceed first thing in the morning. If successful, the first dive on a sonar target will follow. It will be difficult getting sleep tonight. Months of planning for some, years of planning for a few have all come down to the next couple days. Although unspoken, the stress is intense. We all seem to cope in our own ways. What stays on the surface is unwavering professionalism and focus. Inside, we all hope and pray tomorrow goes perfectly.

Fri Dec-28 1200 hrs

Last night, most of the crew and search team took a break and had dinner on the island. As much as we love the Persistence, it was a needed separation both of work and surroundings. For most of us, it was the first time off the Persistence in over a week.

Today, the trade winds are steady and strong. Wind surfers and parasails dot the beach as the Persistence completes the primary grid of sonar lines. To clarify, there is more planned grid remaining to be surveyed but the priority area is essentially complete. Within minutes, we will perform a calibration routine for the USBL acoustic tracking system. When successful, the ROV team will bring out the ROV and perform a test dive. The dive ensures the Persistence can maintain position over a fixed point (in 35+kt winds, 3-5ft swells, and strong cross currents) while the ROV safely navigates to a known point and can adequately maneuver in close proximity to the seafloor. For once, the pressure is off the sonar operators as they breath a major sigh of relief. All eyes will now turn toward the ROV pilot and boat captain as they perform this difficult dance among men and machine.

Thurs 26-Dec 1230 hrs
Murphy's Law always applies offshore. After acquiring data all day in sustained 35kt winds and strong cross currents, the night was going rather smooth. In about 450 ft of water and towing 20 ft off the bottom, the magnetometer started to tow differently. The operator (Kent) immediately recognized we had a snag. We brought in the towfish to find a mass of derelict fishing gear snagged on the acoustic beacon. The beacon was fastened to the tow cable above the magnetometer only by two small stainless steel hose clamps. Despite the massive strain on the beacon, it survived without any damage.

Wed 26-Dec -0320 hrs
The sonar search is progressing smoothly and the end is within sight. The ROV team has flown into Aruba and will reunite with the Persistence tomorrow. Below is a 3-D perspective view (looking west) of the bathymetric portion of the search on the NW side of Aruba. The contour interval is 25ft, showing water depth ranging from about 60 ft to almost 900 ft. The search area with bathymetry shown below is 22 square miles (the size of Manhattan).

Tues 25-Dec 1400 hrs

From Tim Miller (TES):
I want to personally thank the entire crew of the Persistence for their dedication and sacrifice they have given for the search for Natalee Holloway. Let us keep Dave, Beth, and all who knew and loved Natalee in our thoughts and prayers.
Every day I believe we are more and more optimistic that we will bring Natalee home to Alabama. We have just finished Christmas dinner on the boat and it's now time to go back to work -God be with us in our efforts.
Laura...I Love and miss you. Your death wasn't in vain.

Merry Christmas to All,
Tim Miller
Texas Equusearch

Tues 25-Dec 0140 hrs
To the family and loved ones of the search team and crew of the Persistence:
Words can not express our longing to be with our families over Christmas and the void we all feel. The contact we receive from loved ones through phone calls and emails does provide a diminutive sense of normalcy and solace. We take comfort in knowing life goes on back home in our absence and that this project will eventually come to an end, returning us safely to our families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous prayers, love, and support throughout this project. Loved ones are always on our minds which helps us maintain an unwavering focus and determination to complete this project with success, knowing that in success we shall return.

From the search team and crew of the Persistence to all:
Thank you dearly for your love, support, and prayers both for the search effort and the Holloway family. We hope that during this Christmas season you will stand witness and understand the true Christmas story which has been told and retold in varies forms throughout history. True love never fails and gracefully proves itself strong through sacrifice. We consider ourselves honored to use our God-given gifts and resources to this cause. From all of us, have a wonderful, safe, and merry Christmas.

The search is amidst perhaps the most difficult phase. The excitement and energy of the beginning has waned, yet the end is still on the horizon. We will persevere and give this wonderful vessel reason for it's namesake.

R/V Persistence - 25-Dec- 1225 hrs Christmas Morning (photo by Tony Fontenot)

Mon 24-Dec- 1452 hrs
After reaching the dock at 0600 hrs, the Persistence rests as her crew perform some routine maintenance and make a supply run. There is no obvious outward adornment that it is Christmas Eve, save a single strand of colored lights hung around the galley ceiling. Inwardly, everyone is filled with the true Christmas spirit. Almost routine now, the gear is in the water scanning away. Inch by inch, mile by mile we are progressing nicely.

Mon 24-Dec- 0045 hrs
The side scan sonar and magnetometer search quietly continues on through the night. Rain begins to fall on the Persistence.

Sun 23-Dec- 1452 hrs
Agitated by stiff trade winds, white caps blur the boundary between sea and sky today. Below the daily skirmish over wind and water's supremacy of the horizon, the search quietly continues in the crushing Aruban depths. Yesterday, we devoted some time testing the magnetometer and side scan sonar sensors over local construction materials likely used in constructing a wire trap. This test provided valuable information, both confirming that the construction materials alone can be detected and what kind of signatures to expect from the materials when on the seabed. In light of the test, we have renewed focus and zeal on our goal, to find Natalee Holloway.

Sun. 23-Dec -0130 hrs
The seas are calm and the moon is brilliant on the last survey line of the night. Murphy's Law always applies offshore. Midway through the survey line, the boat suddenly veers off course to avoid a small ~16ft wooden fishing boat anchored near the line. We hold our breath and bring in the sonar and magnetometer as fast as the winches allow. On the telemetry screens, both sensors suddenly go crazy. We caught the anchor line of the fishing boat with the sonar and magnetometer. The Persistence immediately comes all-stop as we cautiously bring in the gear. Fortunately for us and the fishermen, our reaction time was swift. We didn't give the fishermen much of a ride and no one was hurt. After a careful inspection, we determined that miraculously none of the gear was even slightly damaged in the collision. After the encounter was over, we thanked the fishermen for their patience and the small wooden fishing boat and Persistence went their separate ways into the moonlit night.

Sat. 22-Dec - 2035 hrs
The seas calmed throughout the evening. The progress we're making is satisfying. Once again, we will work through the night. At night, the seas tend to be calmer and it's easier to focus on the work without being able to see the beach. The sunset was beautiful this evening. ROV pilot Brandon Hernandez hurried out to the back deck of the Persistence to take the photo for the blog. At the same instance he snapped the picture, a swell washed across the back deck, soaking him half way up his shins. Brandon, now the world will know you by this noble photographic cause.

We came across another unknown wreck today, an approximately 50ft long catamaran. When a wreck is discovered or rediscovered, it is easy to get excited and often celebrate it's finding with a cheer. However, we must remind ourselves that all wrecks have stories and these stories are attached to lives and often lost lives. The ocean is terrific at keeping the especially solemn stories for itself. Only after great effort is the ocean willing to reveal it's deepest secrets.

Sat. 22-Dec- 1110 hrs
The Persistence awakes after a few hour much-deserved nap. The crew diligently toss the lines and she's free of the dock. Leaving the port facility, the seas are calm and the trade winds are pleasant and tropical. The occasional cumulus cloud appear cartoon-like. One small cloud in the distance is dumping rain on a few unfortunate people. I can just imagine what they're thinking.. "why me". The rain has a tendency of seeking us all out. Today over the Persistence, the sun is shining bright.

"We've gridded a 22 sq. mile area with bathymetry and will cover it again with this sonar system and magnetometer... Yes. We will find her if she's out there." -John Silvetti (1102 hrs, 22-Dec).

The search area we already covered by bathymetry and began surveying with side scan and magnetometer is the size of Manhattan.

"I believe she's been out here for over the last two years but we didn't have the resources and technology to find her until now. We're blessed to have these resources. Now, hopefully we'll have a wonderful Christmas present for Dave and Beth". - Tim Miller (1108 hrs, 22-Dec).

Fri. 21-Dec - 0350 hrs
The sonar search is progressing forward very well, ranging in water depths from shallow to around 900 ft. The data quality is terrific. The seafloor morphology although complicated, is much more accommodating than expected. Once the sonar search is completed, the ROV dives will commence.

Thurs. 20-Dec - 1310 hrs
The search team deploy a Marine Magnetics SeaSpy 'Overhauser' magnetometer to aid in the search. The magnetometer will tow behind the boat approximately 20ft off bottom and detect iron-bearing debris or targets. The mag will be used in conjunction with the side scan sonar.

Thurs. 20-Dec -0430 hrs
The Persistence has completed the first day of the side scan sonar search. The search team is very optimistic about the probability of finding Natalee Holloway. The data quality is excellent and the conditions are sufficient to carry out the detailed search.

The first sonar line is generally the most stressful part of the survey. Since the sonar is towed, it is very easy to collide the towfish with an unknown wreck or obstruction. We chose a starting point free of charted obstructions or known wrecks. Once the crew was ready, the side scan sonar was deployed before we reached the search area to provide a long approach to the first line.
Murphy's Law always applies when working offshore. Minutes after deploying the towfish and without warning, an uncharted shipwreck suddenly appears on the sonar screen. Immediately recognizing the danger, I pull in cable as fast as I could to make the side scan climb high in the water column. It's a near-miss. We missed hitting the wreck by just a few feet. After the adrenaline died down, we came around for another pass to better image the wreck. The image below is a snap-shot of the second pass on the approximately 150ft-long unknown wooden wreck.

To illustrate the quality of the sonar system, the following image is a side scan sonar image of an anchor and chain found during this search (Dec-21, 0130 hrs). Notice the links are clearly imaged.

The Holloway family expressed their deepest appreciation to the search effort, TES, and to all who are behind the scenes praying and helping support this project.

If this project has touched your heart and you would like to help in future missing persons projects, please learn more about Texas EquuSearch. It is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with over 350 members. They are a highly professional, compassionate, and dedicated group of people who have a passion for finding lost persons.
TES and Tim Miller has been directly involved in over 800 investigations with around 260 persons returned to their families alive!
If you would like to make a donation to help find missing persons:


Anonymous said...

I guess van der Sloots attorneys filed to disallow any of your findings in a court of law due to the fact that you are a private search party for the Holloways and evidence may be planted.

If you are fortunate to find her, will you have one of the Dutch officials on board Persistence before anything is raised from the ocean?

Good luck with your search for Natalee. Americans are watching now more than ever after the news of Aruba closing the case.

Anonymous said...

God bless each one of you!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Persistence crew!

We awaken today with hearts hoping that these waters might be transformed, and yield the hope of something new for Beth, for Dave and for all their loved ones.

We stand between those points of faith: we hope with expectation that just beyond our wildest dreams, a child might be found, and returned to her family.
We hope - despite all logic that dictates such hopes are impossible and inconceivable – yet we dare to continue to hope and believe in miracles!

We stand by your side, Persistence, believing …that in spite of all the evil and cruelty we’ve witnessed, despite seeing a savagery unleashed that crushes our children in our midst, an evil that gives pause for all humankind to stop and take notice lest we forget all that was inflicted upon Natalee – right here in our midst; we dare awaken on this day, and believe that the power of love and hope surpasses anything that evil can summon from the depths of hell.

Her life will not end in the barren emptiness of cruelty summoned from treacherous souls chained to depravity that saw no value in her life, her dignity, or her human rights.

Her hope has already been unleashed upon the earth; already this child has been redeemed and claimed as a promise by God, that indeed there lies ahead hope and new-life!

No longer do the forces of evil contain her precious body, no longer can this vicious force of cruelty deny her – the Love that summons her spirit to teach us about the power of hope that transforms the darkest corners of the earth, and brings new-life, where once there was only darkness and sorrow.

She beckons us to remember now, to live in the present – transformed by what we have seen and heard, and give witness to hope, in “making life-giving things happen” that give honor to all that she suffered, that hope indeed might be given to all who continue to live on.

And because the hope we carry in our hearts – the truth that summons the suffering she bore to become a torch of justice, that gives hope to all our children, we claim this child’s truth here and now, we claim her right to justice – that something new, something life-giving might redeem us all through her suffering!

Her story continues, her truth has been planted deep within our hearts, as we dare to step forward this day, and carry forth her voice – a voice that beckons us to “make things happen”, to make life-giving changes, changes that will transform this earth, changes that will make the life we live have meaning and purpose for our children’s future.

Let the words we speak take root in our hearts; let the words of hope find expression through a life transformed by these injustices we’ve witnessed, the heartless cruelty and torment inflicted upon a child and her family, that cries out for a response, that cries out for life-giving change!

The doors of hell have been opened; the forces of evil darkness are unleashed within our world. And it is up to us to respond to this savagery; it is up to us to give hope where the powers of hell run rampant to devour our children.

Our eyes are awakened today, Persistence to the glory of hope that confronts a pervasive force of evil that seeks to destroy our faith – crush our children, devour all our hope.

We come face to face in the present, with a darkness of cruelty that lavishes itself on acts of savagery upon our children!

How shall we respond to this threat of brutality that seeks to crush the innocent?
How shall we respond to such viciousness of evil that roams the earth, mocking justice, laughing at faith-driven hearts, while seeking to devour all that defines us as human, all that generates hope for new life, all that defines faith rooted in a God of justice and mercy?

Saint Augustine once said: Est autem fides sperandarum substantia rerum, argumentum non apparentium—“Faith is the “substance” of things hoped for; the proof of things not seen”.

Your voyage of faith in action, Persistence gives hope that proof exists here and now in the present – of that which we cannot see!
Your journey gives proof of things unseen, and all that has yet to “appear” that we long for, that we hope for with all our hearts.

Your compassion bears witness that there lies before us, a power of hope that conquers the cruelty of those who would seek to crush a child’s life, your presence on the sea gives hope that is greater and more powerful than lies and deceptions, a hope that stands firm against acts of depravity, a hope that demands justice where corruption, indifference and lack of moral integrity infect the conscience and heart of society.

Let the hope of Persistence renew our hearts this day – that even though Natalee and her beautiful family were caste before our eyes into a valley of wretched darkness and cruelty, the power of Persistence through acts of faith and hope stands firm, resilient in the midst of savagery, a Persistence that will show us the way out of this heartless evil and vicious cruelty.

Hope for Natalee, Persistence!
Hope for her family because you are the bearers of hope!

Because of you, Persistence, we hope…. that new life awaits Beth and Dave and all their loved ones ….

Because of you, Persistence…. We are renewed in our belief that the substance of things we hope for lies, already present - within the acts of blessed compassion and mercy we witness through your journey that seeks to find her!

She is here with us now; her spirit is present, guiding your ship, now transforming our hearts to hope through “life-giving changes” that we dare to make in the present!

And while we pray that you will find her remains, and bring her home so that she finally may be laid to rest,
Our faith tells us that the quest to find her – the journey taken where hearts around the world are joined together in the sorrow and suffering of this child,
There lies the power of HOPE to unite us in believing that – that which we cannot see,
that which has “yet to appear” – is present with us here and now, within all of us, guiding us to transform the emptiness where such heartless cruelty contained her, and raise her up through the transformative power of hope – that beckons the promise of all which we have the power to create in the future – to enter the present here and now, that through this communion of our hearts, we might become a force for good in this world against the destructive powers of evil.

Even now, Natalee’s spirit beckons us: to make something new from all of this heartache, injustice and suffering!
Conquer the evil in our midst through the transformative power of hope made manifest in the present!

Make way the path to justice through a healing response in the present, bring forth the transforming presence that will protect our children from the forces of evil on this earth, and end the powers of darkness that seeks to crush their spirit!

May hope through Persistence, summon all that has yet to appear, all that lies ahead in the future, all the possibilities that have yet to give rise to joy and promise of new life, and in this present moment find life-giving meaning, and expression that changes the course of the present, by bearing Natalee’s promise – now: we will be changed by Natalee’s suffering and this cruel injustice her family continues to bear; we will summon hope into our present, and give witness to justice through compassion by rising up in claiming this child’s voice must be heard, her truth must be told, her right to justice granted!

Let these injustices inflicted upon Natalee give rise to HOPE for all our children in the future, by acts that seek justice here and now in the present!

Let this heartless cruelty and indifference we’ve witnessed give rise to HOPE in our present, that our faith through God will find expression in claiming Natalee’s promise: that no child should ever suffer what this child suffered – ever again!


Hope for all those in darkness and despair, because hope finds expression now – in the present!

May Natalee’s hope be unleashed throughout the earth, Persistence, as you boldly demonstrate for us the power of seeking that which – has “yet to appear” in the future, by claiming a way for it to take root here and now in our hearts – in the present.

May your acts of hope and compassion summon each of us to find a role we can play in re-creating the earth, in bringing justice into the present, in daring to imagine the possibilities that lie ahead – that have ‘yet to appear’, by becoming bearers of hope here and now in the present!

May the Angels be by your side, Persistence!

May the transformative power of HOPE be revealed not only through the images you summon from the sea, that beckon this Christmas child's respond - if she is there waiting below for human kindness to find her...
but may the transformative powers of HOPE on board the Persistence give witness to the immeasurable acts of compassion and mercy that beckon hope to take root in all of us, a hope that gives birth to the greatness that the human spirit is capable of in "changing the present" - here and now, through acts of goodness that triumph over all the darkness and cruelty of evil.

God bless all of you, Persistence!


LindaS said...

Our thoughts and Prayers remain with the family of Natalie and also with the great people of Texas Equusearch.

Be Safe and God Bless each and everyone of you.

Missing Branson Perry

Miss-Underestimated said...

Who will "own" any evidence in your search? Will interpool be involved?

God Bless all of you for your dedication to finding Natalee Holloway. Beth and Dave, stay strong, we are all behind you.

tblues said...

I hope they find something so there can be closure with the families in this case. I wish everyone that is searching for Natalee best of luck on finding something and be safe.

Anonymous said...

To let you know we continue with the deepest felt prayers for the Persistence to find Natalee. God bless these special people working so hard to find Natalee and bring her home to her country, and family.

May the angel from heaven cover your ship and keep you from harm. May God guide your every minute and breathe. Come home to us with the precious cargo you are searching so honesty to find.

Until later, Gods Blessings on the Persistence and her brave crew.

GabbyG said...

Hello again Persistence and crew! This message brings with it a silent prayer for your safety and your success in finding our Natalee. God is guiding your search and if it is His will He will lead you to Natalee. I believe you will find her because of the goodness of heart and the pure intentions that abounds on that vessel.
Find her...what a wonderful way that would be to overcome the attempts at deception and devious control that the world has witnessed coming from Aruba. Those that see you just off the sands of Aruba's beaches know why you are there and it is surely causing some of them much discomfort. What an encouraging thought!!
Keep up the great work and just know that you all are surrounded by love, faith and hope. Prayers abound!
Don't give a second thought to Aruba's latest tricks. Don't let it cause you grief or distract you. Your faith and hope, AND the Persistence can overcome anything they can throw at you. Push forward toward your goal, someone special is waiting for you!
We love you all!!
God Bless you and guide you.

truthseeker2 said...

You guys are awesome. You are in our prayes everyday. Thanks for posting these updates and I hope you are successful in finding Natalee so that her family can bring her home.

Anonymous said...

I know you will find her. This is the true meaning of love and dedication to humanity!

Interesting how they closed the case now when you start your search. Do you think they had pressure to undermine your search?

Observer said...

The Dutch media is reporting that the attorney of Joran van der Sloot is not happy with the fact that the Aruban prosecutors are not involved in the (private) boat search because of the risk that evidence is planted.

Thats a good sign you are on the right track. Thank You to everyone involved in making this search happen.

mayan_moons said...

My faith in humanity slipped watching the Aruban/Dutch playing head games and outright mental torture to the Holloway family but Mr. Shaffer, Tim and the rest of you hero's of men have restored my faith.
No amount of words would ever be enough to thank you for all you're doing to find Natalee & bringing some sort of peace out of this nightmare to Beth, Dave & Matt by bringing their child home.

My family's prayers are with you and i really believe that you are going to find her.

God Speed

Anonymous said...

The world is watching as we hold our breath praying that you find Natalee and bring her home where she belongs. To the crew THANK YOU for the selflessness you have shown in searching for those answers. God bless you all for the acts of kindness.

Anonymous said...

Persistence & Crew;
May the Lord God Almighty guide you & keep you safe in the quest to find Natalee.

carpe said...

May God watch over the whole RV Persistence crew, Natalee Ann,
and her whole family, and bring her home for Christmas where she

She deserves to come home to
be at rest with the people
that love her.

If Nat is there to be found, the PERSISTENCE crew will make that

Thank you for all that you do!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are for the God chosen crew of the Persistence,and all the good people who honor the hard work and bravery of the people who have descent souls and human dignity. I pray for Gods blessings on you all. May you be guided every minute of the day that you are finding Natalee Holloway. The world is praying for your success. I know in my soul you will find Natalee, and eagerly wait to here the good news.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kyle.

Our hearts are with the Persistence crew as you continue in your search for Natalee and the hope for a miracle.

There is no turning back the hope that drives our hearts, and the yearning we have for Justice for Natalee.

We can no more turn back our hearts for one of our daughters, than the sons (and daughters) of Liberty can un-ride Paul Revere from his horse!

Paul Revere, a man who saw no limitations in his ability to create methods for communication in intelligence gathering, that he used as a vehicle to warn his fellow Patriots of the impending advancements of the British army.
Lanterns, light, some horses and a few good men were all that was needed to spread the word and warn fellow Patriots, and thus ensure their ability to secure their safety and protect their Liberty!

By the end of his ride that night, upon receiving the warning from Revere, other messengers had mounted their horses, and they too rode into the night, carrying on the warning message to more and more Patriots!

There upon the sea today sails our own heroic messengers of hope, messengers aboard the Persistence, voyagers in search of a little girl, brutally victimized, robbed of her precious life and hopes, and taken from her family.

Carry your message of hope, Persistence!

Light up the hearts of Beth and Dave through these acts of human kindness and compassion!
Light up their hearts through your deeds of hope and your yearning for justice for Natalee!

And we on land – and you at sea will carry the messages of warning and hope that are woven into Natalee’s story, - a truth that must be told, a voice that must be heard, a cry for justice that awaits the integrity of those entrusted with the enforcement of the law.

Bless you all aboard the Persistence, voyagers of hope, messengers of truth and justice!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

When you get a chance can you post some of the images you are collecting as you did with the craft you found off the coast in Boston?

Good luck with the search. We are behind you 100%!

alabamamom said...

Good Morning Persistence !
We are so thankful for you and for all involved.
Kyle, what a beautiful writer you are...what a way with words!
Know that our prayers are with you !

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle:

Thank you for the detail and for posting the images.

Realistically, without issues, how much distance can you cover per day in your search efforts.

Also, what depth are you currently searching?

DennisAOK said...

I just changed my IRA beneficiaries to TexasEquuSearch and the Inernational Safe Travels Foundation. Natalee's life will benefit others in the future.

Anonymous said...

Kyle! Nice job with that cable retraction!!!!

Finally - we truly have a genuine reason to "hold our breaths" while messengers of hope, and sailors of Justice breathe new life into a child's painful suffering, where there is such torment, cruelty and sorrow that continues to be inflicted upon Natalee's beautiful family and friends.

We have faith in you, Persistence!

If it is God's will, this child will surely be found!

May God's blessing be upon you, Persistence!

Hope for Natalee because you are the bearers of her hope.


Anonymous said...

If Natalee is found will she initially be brought to Aruba? It seems most likely that they will let any evidence deteriorate and decline to properly process the evidence. It seems rather clear that the Aruban Judiciary is uninterested in actually resolving the case. Is it possible to return Natalie immediately to the USA (bypassing Aruba) for forensic analysis by the FBI?

lousw said...

Lord, we have been persistent in our prayers to You, our thoughts and concerns for Natalee, and our support for her families for these many months and we believe that, through You, a group has come together and is in Aruba to find Natalee and bring her home. We fervently ask that You provide Your blessing to the Persistence and it's crew who have come together for one last search for our Natalee. We believe it to be no coincidence that the name of the ship is Persistence.

We ask that You be with the Persistence all the dedicated and caring members of the search team who have given of their time and efforts to try and find Natalee so that she may be brought home.

Lord, we ask that You shine a heavenly light on this effort and have Your angels guide them in their tasks so that what we and Natalee's families have wanted for long will finally be realized. We have faith that with Your help, that will be done.

We feel a sense of hope and expectancy surge through our heart, mind and spirit as we come together in unity by prayer in agreement, believing by faith that Natalee will be rescued by those led by the Spirit of God who know where she is and how she will be recovered for the glory and testimony of the greatness of God Almighty. Amen†

Anonymous said...

O precious Lord. You are faithful and true. O Lord all we have to do is ask. Give the people on persistence wisdom and discernment.
Put your Holy Spirit in their hearts and show them where Natalee is at. Holy Spirit stir in their hearts and give them wisdom and discernment. I thank you that you are going to do this. And I be honest I have doubt. But if we ask specificaly you will answer are prayers. I just hope and pray that are prayers are answered that they find Natalee. I specifically pray Lord Jesus that and thanking you for giving them wisdom and dicernment and direct their path
to the right place to where Natalee is Thank you Precious Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Crew, May the lord be with you and keep you safe. That he guide you to where Natalee rests, to be brought home to where she belongs.

When this final event occurs, Lord, please bring those who are guilty be brought to justice. Let the world see the truth!

God Bless you all!


Debbie (BFN) said...

Hello Persistence!

Thank you for all you are doing, you all are truly a blessing.

Faith, Hope and Prayers for Natalee and the Persistence Team!

r&s said...

absolutely amazeing images. you don't say how deep. but i guess that's to keep confidential location for now. also is there another search area , what is the size of the area u r in now? or can't comment till finished. it's o we all understand. didn't someone mention that a school was going to follow this?

god bless all of you!!
raz,sharon and family

old seadogs said...

Your sonar images are of the highest quality, even much better than the ones I'd seen in the submarine that I served. The eye/hand coordination of yours is awesome. You will find Natalee faster than you know. We old submariner crew are praying for your blessings and success in bringing Natalee home. You are world famous now. Some of my European buddies are asking you to show more sonar pictures. They are very proud of your extreme talent.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Persistence crew!

I hope you are strengthened in your resolve to find Natalee by the churning of waves that surround your efforts.

Let the cascading waves of the ocean return to Beth and Dave their beloved daughter.

Let the tumbling of the waters beckon the sea to be disturbed, that secrets hidden beneath the darkened surface might beckon the answers to come forth, that cry out to be heard!

While one would think that the greatest challenges to a ship at sea would be the elements of destruction that come on the tides of a storm, the forces of opposition that Persistence faces come not through the elements of raging storms at sea, but in the shattering calamity of viciousness that seeks to consume the foundation of your resolve that is rooted in faith, hope and a spirit of love, - a love that sails in defiance of the tempests of depravity, that are carried in human hearts on land.

Sail on, Persistence! And carry the spirit of human kindness across the waters you sail upon.

Sail on, Persistence!
Sail on, in spite of the cruelty and evil that conspires to thwart your life-giving, life-changing efforts!

Breathe new life into the brokenness and heartlessness that defines the cruelty and evil of those who took Natalee’s life away and left her all alone, without even so much as a resting place,- her family without even so much as the opportunity to say one last final goodbye to their beloved child.

The predators of evil summoned the images of sharks as their savage reasoning for stealing her away. Yet, even the gnashing of sharks circling their prey, could not capture the level of maliciousness and cruelty we have witnessed in the hearts of the immoral men who stole away everything this precious child had ever hoped for.

Yet there you stand upon the waters, Persistence!
A stronghold of mighty faith and hope upon the sea!

The beacon of light in an un-ending hurricane of darkness, the reason for hope amidst all the suffering and sorrow that grips our hearts!

Where does such heroic generosity come from?

How is it that such extremes of profound beauty and goodness could exist in spite of the presence of such maddening relentlessness of cruelty and evil?

If Satan himself has been summoned to the earth, by those enslaved to their evil deeds, - if Satan himself has been summoned to the earth to take shape and form in the savagery we have witnessed, then surely the presence of God is here with us now, a mighty force of life-giving hope, the powerful dynamic life-changing presence that renews our hearts, re-creates the earth, breathes life into our collective resolve to find justice and hope for Natalee and her family.

Surely the presence of God is here with us now, Persistence, in the goodness we have seen and heard through the daily deeds you carry out upon the sea, which summons the Spirit of Hope to take shape in our hearts.

A beautiful lady spoke these words, Kyle as she tried to explain the journey that drives her quest to find her baby …

“Hope is the reason I believed Natalee was going to come through that door. Hope is why we react the way we do at all of these strange and excruciating and ultimately disappointing occurrences. It's that glimmer of a promise that the answer will be revealed.” (Beth Holloway)

Sail on, today Persistence in search of a blessed miracle!
Sail on, today Persistence in search of the answers that beckon to be revealed!

Sail on today in the hope that the “divine mercy and goodness (that) are more powerful than human evil,” will find expression this day, in human hearts that transform the wickedness of savagery we have witnessed as Persistence reclaims the sanctity of hope!

Reclaim the glimmer of promise that breathes new life into Natalee's painful story.

Reclaim the glimmer of promise, Persistence, the promise that transforms this sorrow, the promise that new-life awaits her suffering family, her faithful, loving parents.

Reclaim the glimmer of that promise that bears the sustenance of hope, the promise that beckons her answers to be revealed.

Reclaim the hope that points to that glimmer of promise that breaks through this unbearable sorrow, and breathes new life into the hearts of Natalee's family.

Breathe hope, Persistence through the profound ability of compassion that you make present here and now, through the life-giving presence of God you bring into this world as you shatter the darkness and brokenness that seeks to crush the human spirit!

God bless you, Persistence!

Believe that miracles are possible, because bearers of hope carry the promise of life-changing possibilities through the beauty of their hearts on the boat filled with Persistence at sea.


Nanny said...

We the family and friends of the crew that is serching for Natalee Holloway want to express how PROUD we are of you and what you are doing.You are in our prayers, daily.
And thank you for the Blog which inables us to keep up with what is going on. God Bless each of you.

Gking said...

We are so proud of everthing you are doing and are proud to call you ours. We miss you so much, especially at Christmas, and are looking forward to having our Christmas when you get home after this sucessfull search. No matter what happens or what you find, this search will be a sucess because of all the great hearts involved, especially yours Kyle. We love you so much and are with you in our hearts.
Merry Christmas Persistance crew!
Be very proud of yourselves.
Love, G

Anonymous said...

Pearl, please read this note left to us by Kyle:

PLEASE limit comment length to 10 lines of text. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Christmas a season of miracles. Bless you each and everyone.

-Rolls said...

Excellent Kyle, thanks; the image of the anchor and chain gives a very good idea of the possible resolution. Also, please don't forget the folk who designed and constructed these great tools you are using.

Calm seas and fair winds,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Persistence crew! I continue to pray daily for your mission and your safety and your success in bringing Natalee home. You are angels sent from above and God will guide you. We love you and stand behind you. Take care of yourselves. Deb

Anonymous said...

Kyle, how long does it take to thoroughly survey 22 square miles? That seems like a very daunting task.

Also, how many square miles covers all of Aruba extending 5 miles out at every point?

How long would you expect it to take to search the entire area?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

I hope your weather has held and that you are having a successful mission and no more close calls with debris from the sea.

I find myself checking this site several times a day for updates. I think about Natalee and her family often, probably more than I should given the fact that I have never met them.

One thing is clear, Natalee is everyone's child. I have a twenty year-old daughter and Natalee, her mom, and her dad are always in our thoughts.

Thank you again for all of your efforts! You are a hero 1000X over to Natalee's family and America!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture! It's hard to imagine the evil of Aruba given the beauty of the sunset and the calm you describe.

We continue to hope that you will find Natalee for Christmas. If not before Christmas, perhaps soon afterwards.

lousw said...

To the crew of the Persistence and others who are helping in this search, THANK YOU for what you are doing. You just have to be very special, each and every one of you, to give up being with your families at this time of the year to do something this wonderful for Natalee and her families. This is truly an effort of love, something God has wanted all of us to do - love and help one another. And, when we realize that this is being done in this Christmas season which represents love, hope and peace, it makes it even more profound.

May God bless you all.

Hope for Natalee

Anonymous said...

Thank you, all of you.

Anonymous said...

wow Kyle with all that fancy equipment do you think you guys could afford a flood light to avoid collisions with wooden fishing boats?

Thank God all is well. Good luck with your work tomorrow! We look forward to updates. And no more Murphy's Law, okay?

salvation from evil aruba said...

Here is another sign that Natalee will be found soon and lifted out of the sea. The picture is showing the beautiful sunset background, the pulley rig is the cross and salvation over death and evil of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

I heard a news report that, in your sample testing, your crew placed a crab trap similar to the one widely believed to be used to dispose of Natalee to conduct tests. What a brilliant move. If true, this should train your eye to see the real thing, if she is down there.

How did those pre-search tests go? Under the conditions where you able to visualize the sample crab trap?

r&s_Massachusetts said...

Good Morning,
our family checks this site many times during the day. We Pray that your Journey be safe and that you will find Natalee.

All ofyou and your families are in our hearts,minds,and prayers.

we wish you a Successful Trip!

raz,sharon &family

Sharon/Tx said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! God bless you and your families for giving up this time at Christmas to help Natalee's family. So many of us have been touched by this beautiful young lady that could have been our own. We have sent up endless prayers for her family for two years and have had our hopes lifted and then burst over and over. This morning the moon is so bright, I cannot help but think it is God lighting the way for you, keeping the seas calm. We pray for answers and closure for this family and you are our last those with the answers choose to live with the answers tucked away in their souls.........souls that God will judge some day. Stay safe, feel our prayers! Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Kyle! It's getting closer to Christmas. I believe Natalee, our Christmas child, is in the sea. With God's blessing, you will find her.

Please keep us posted on your progress. America has your back!

Lisa said...

God Bless all of you for trying to help Natalee and her family
I hope & Pray,Dave Beth and all of Natalee's family get their miracle and she is found and brought home where she belongs

Tiko-BFN said...

Thinking of you and the entire crew at this special time of year. Thank you for delaying your family(s) holiday celebrations for such a tremendous task. Each and every one of you truly have a caring heart and your desire to help Natalee and her family is comended. God Bless You!!

mom said...

Hey Son,
Missing our celebrations, our dinners all together, our laughter. Being linked by this strange course of events to the Holloway family, I can only express my sorrow that Natalee will not be coming home to share laughter with her family. We are so proud of you and that crew, those guys you work with... you are all so incredibly special. There is a part of me that hopes that a body will not be found, that somewhere NH will reappear alive and I have mixed feelings about your mission. Holloways, may God's peace, grace and strength flow over you this Christmas. Kyle, I love you and miss you, pray for you all the time. Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

Anonymous said...

From Meridian, MS we watch and wait, praying for relief for this family and freedom for this child.

God Bless you in your quest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Persistence Crew! My thoughts and prayers are with you during your journey to bring Natalee home. You are not alone on this journey for there are so many of us that are there in spirit with you. We pray for your safety and ask for guidence from the Lord to take you to Natalee so that she can be brought home.

God Bless You All!

Anonymous said...

You have been so faithful in keeping us who watch, wait and pray up-to-date. Thank you. We are reading. We are in awe at how diligent you are going about this task. I pray our prayers will sustain you during your long dedicated hours.

We've just read elsewhere that yet another young American Tourist has gone missing in Aruba. We certainly hope you don't have to look for her too.

-Rolls said...

"This test provided valuable information, both confirming that the construction materials alone can be detected and what kind of signatures to expect from the materials when on the seabed."

May we see some representative sonar images posted? TIA.


Silverfox said...

Just want you to know that the annual Kickradio Christmas Show ( is being dedicated to the Natalee Holloway family and to your crew of the Persistence for for valiant efforts. The show will be encoded and uploaded for Christmas Eve in about 5 or 6 hours and we are hopeful you will be able to tune in as your go about your business. We even have a proposed theme song for your efforts that we hope you will like..God Bless you all for your fine and diligent work...

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Persistence crew!

Kyle,got your 'ten-line' limit rule from anonymous that was posted!

It is painfully difficult to find any words that speak to the suffering and pain we have witnessed being inflicted upon Natalee and her family.

How do we capture the evil and cruelty in this story?
How do we begin to express through words the healing power of hope unfolding?

Hoping for a miracle, Persistence...

Cat1955 said...

Special Blessing to the crew and their families who give up their Christmas for Natalee and her family. May you know you are special human beings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure this is felt a million fold.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the crew and your families for giving up your Christmas on hold for Natalee and her family. May you know you will be in many hearts this day and in days to come. You are truly Gods instrument to show the world what his spirit is all about. Shining examples of His love. May you all be blessed!

Kaj said...

I personally want to thank each and everyone one of you aboard for what you are doing, as this is a Wonderful thing that you are doing. I only hope that I too one day may be a part of something as special and rewarding as what you are doing. When you get back to Louisiana I would truley love to meet with you guys and see if there is anything I can do to offer my services, even if it is just a small part. This is one of the greatest things I have seen or heard of. Giving families hope or closure. I live in Lake Charles so I won't be far from your home as well. I know sending money helps, but I would truley love to be a part of helping others as well... God Bless the entire crew.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the Persistence crew. We love you for what you are doing voluntarily for the Holloway and Twitty families. You show the true Spirit of Christmas every day as you help others find their loved ones.

Nanny said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. It's hard not being home with family at this time of the year but all of you are truly blessed for what you are doing.
We Love ya and you are in our prayers.

Debbie said...

Kyle, Merry Christmas to you and to all aboard the Persistence.

May God bless you all. You are all truly wonderful people that are doing God's work.

Anonymous said...

During this holiday season, a big part of my heart is with Natalee's family and friends, and with the Persistence and crew, and their families and friends. Though we are scattered across the globe, our hearts are joined together in love for Natalee, as we anticipate the miracle of her homecoming.

Blessings and gratitude to you all!

Observer said...

Merry Christmas to the entire Persistence crew and everyone that has supported this great effort to find Natalee.

Magnolia said...

Merry Christmas to all aboard
the Persistene!
May each of you have your own
Christmas Miracle. You have
given hope to so many.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Eve Persistence Crew!

Hearts are joined from around the world, in the Spirit of Christmas...watching, hoping, and waiting for a miracle for Beth and Dave and their families.

May the spirit of Christmas that you have sown in our hearts take root, that each of us will be forever changed by the light you have brought into this world, and the hope you have breathed into our hearts! May God's Spirit be upon you, Persistence!

We hope for a miracle, and we stand together waiting for Natalee to finally come home!
God bless all of you!


texasmom said...

Merry Christmas Persistence Crew!

Thank you, each and every one of you for being where you are on this Christmas Eve; diligently searching for Natalee. I pray that God will bless this truly selfless act of kindness in each of your lives. I believe in miracles and I'm hoping we're going to have one soon.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you! You guys are top shelf! The greatest!!!

DennisAOK said...

I check your progress daily, and send you best wishes this Christmas morning. In the spirit of the season, I named Texas EquuSearch as a beneficiary of my IRA.

Sharon/Tx said...

Merry Christmas to all of you on the Persistence and to your families who raised such kind hearted souls to do this work. Godspeed and keep feeling our prayers!

Blue Moon said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and every person on board the Persistence. The extents you will go for this family is amazing and much appreciated by all whom is following this search. May the star of Christmas shine down on you and direct you to Natalee's resting place. Bring her home. Thanks.

lousw said...

Merry Christmas to the crew of the Persistence and all the others who are there with you in this labor of love for Natalee and her families.

We know that you are away from your families on this day, but your hearts are with them.

God bless you for your love, dedication, compassion and concern for Natalee and her families.

Anonymous said...

From Meridian, MS comes a big Merry Christmas to the crew aboard the Persistence! You, Beth & Dave and all of your families are in our thoughts & prayers on this Holy Day!

Cherie T. said...

Merry Christmas to all of you and God Bless you and your families. I have a feeling that even though you are away from your families this Holiday season, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

To all of you, thank you!

Christmas would be a great day to raise Natalee. If not today, another day soon perhaps.

We are praying, watching and waiting. We greatly appreciate your efforts, no matter the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Almost 23,000 hits on your new site Kyle! So many people want a positive conclusion to this terrible nightmare.

Keep up the great work! I hope your families will celebrate Christmas when you return to NJ!

Anonymous said...

all our blessings and a merry christmas wish to all natalee's angels onboard persistence. godspeed to all of you. bring natalee home soon.

carpe said...

Merry Christmas, RV Persistence crew. I am right there with ya
in thought and spirit! Everyone
is watching. -j4n

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all the crew of this wonderful ship! Please bring Natalee home now . . . and give the family the final answers and peace.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Persistence!

May the miracle of hope give Beth and Dave the answers they have painfully longed for, these past two and a half years. May the waters yield to their sorrow, and bring them their beloved child's truth.

God bless you Persistence crew!
Merry Christmas!
Hope for Natalee!
Justice for this beloved child and her family!

We're waiting for you to come home, Natalee.
May God's blessings be upon the Persistence crew!

God bless you, Tim Miller, The Silvetti Team, Kyle and all the Persistence crew members who bring to life the Spirit of what Christmas is all about!


Anonymous said...

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

You are all in my heart and thoughts and prayers every day.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

May God watch over you and hopefully we can bring Natalee home.

Reading your updates everyday.

Anonymous said...

In the moments when you and your crew feel tired or discouraged, I hope you will draw from the strengh of the thousands of Americans supporting your efforts.

This is a kind, unselfish act and a beautiful gesture to a family who is missing a loved one for the third Christmas.

Be strong and hang in there! We look forward to updates.

Blue Moon said...

This message is for Tim Miller. You are an amazing person for all you do for the missing. Laura would very proud of her father. You have so much to be proud of. We are thankful for you and the crew of the persistence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for your hard work and own personal sacrifices throughout the holiday season.

Also thanks for this website. Before discovering it I was searching daily trying to find any information on how the search was going.

Good luck and God bless.

ironman said...

Hello RV Persistence crew, I now wish for you all a Happy coming New Year, and for a sucessful Mission..
May God be your guide.

Sharon/Tx said...

I've been thinking about y'all today as the sun shines over Texas. I hope the winds are at your back and the sun is upon you. I met you at Longwood Tim and have been keeping you in my prayers. Kyle and crew, bless you for giving up your time to help. Keep your spirits up and feel the prayers coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch. Ohio is behind you! God Bless you for doing the tough but neccessary work day in and day out. I am proud to be able to donate to your efforts and I ecnourage more people to do so.
-We helped you search in Canton, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle & crew! Just stopping by to leave love & blessings for you all. The Persistence & crew and all responsible for this mission are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Please, never forget.

God bless and guide each of you as you quietly go about your business. If you get discouraged just stop a minute and let yourself feel the are all surrounded by it.

Anonymous said...

God Bless You All! I wish I could be there with you. What a Noble bunch you are. I look forward to the posts every day and I am amazed at what you are able to do. Godspeed.


Anonymous said...

remember when we said, "no more Murphy's Law?"

Thank goodness everything is okay and you can proceed. I am hopeful that you will have no more mishaps!

Observer said...

Nice Video Kyle! The entire Team and the Persistence are just amazing! Thanks again to everyone that has worked so hard for Natalee and her Family. They are way overdue for something to finally go there way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video, Kyle and Persistence crew! May your loving hearts free Natalee and her family from the cruelty and suffering they have all endured.

Break the chains that sought to bind this child and her truth, Persistence!

May God's Spirit be upon you all, and lead you to this precious child. May you find this Christmas child, Natalee... and bring her home!


Anonymous said...

Whow! Amigoe seems a little put out today that people actual make donations to TES and Persistence! Not only that, one has to really questions how they know that criticism isn't accepted on this blog. There's only two ways they could know 1) they tried 2)An Aruban or two tried and told them.

Keep up the great work and keep refusing to talk to the lowlife that refused any help to the Holloway and Twitty Families. Jossy Mansuer is Da Man!

And yes, because this also seems to bother Amigoe, I will agree tell you that Americans are praying for you and appreciate your work.

Benedict said...

Isn't it rather presumptuous if not blasphemous to refer to Natalee Holloway as "the christmas child"? The only "christmas child" I know is Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

You are averaging over one thousand hits a day now! Thank you for the updates. If anything you know how many americans are behind your search efforts.

In the end I am still hopeful there will be justice for Natalee. There are many layers of corruption in Aruba and this fact has been brought to light over and over.

In this case, hoping for justice is probably futile. Still, if you can bring Natalee home and provide a measure of peace to her parents, the trip will have been worthwhile.

lousw said...

Thank you, Persistence and crew and all others for your efforts. You have inspired others and given true meaning to the words love and hope.

I would also like to thank Pearl for that truly magnificent post of 19 Dec. It is one that I read each and every day with tears in my eyes. You have said the things which many of us would like to say but did not know how to say them.

Tiko-BFN said...

Great video Kyle. It just brings home the daunting task of what you and the crew are up against. God I hope you all find her out there in that massive cold ocean.

God Bless All Of You.

carpe said...

Wow! Great video, and nice
choice for music! I hadn't
heard The Verve in ages. I forgot
how much I liked that song.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, the video i watched was awesome! The ocean looked really rough-hope you guys werent seasick on Christmas. I continue to pray that you will find Natalee and bring her home and that you all will be safe.Again, God Bless. YOU ALL ARE HEROES IN MY EYES AND THOSE OF ALL OF US IN THE U.S.

Anonymous said...

well Benedict, if you put the statement into perspective, such as, "Natalee is all we want for Christmas" in that sense she is our Christmas child. Nobody is trying to replace Jesus so chill out.

JusticeforNatalee said...

Blessings to the brave and kind-hearted crew of the Persistence.

We think of you each day.

You are all heroes.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Kyle and Persistence crew!

I hope no one is offended by the meaning of Natalee’s name.
I suppose we are all children of Christmas, when we live up to the greatness that each of us was called into.

For Natalee, the meaning of her name has a particular relevancy, as the Persistence continues to sail during the season of Christmas, searching for a child whose name literally means: Christmas child!

Natalie, -Latin, “Christmas child.”
fem. proper name, from Fr. Natalie, from Eccles. L. Natalia, from L. natalis "birthday," in Church L., "Christmas Day," originally a name for one born on Christmas.

Persistence: per•sis•tence
1. The act of persisting.
2. The state or quality of being persistent; persistency.
3. Continuance of an effect after the cause is removed: persistence of vision.

The quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose;
permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force

Benedict, -Latin, “Blessed”

Timothy,- “Honor God”

Kyle, - “ handsome”

Natalee - Natalie, -Latin, “Christmas child.”

May God’s blessings be upon you, Persistence, that you may bring this precious child, Natalee - whose name means “Christmas child”, home to her family!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pearl for the very clear definition! I am very glad that you pointed out that the name Natalee means, "Christmas Child." In light of everything that happened in Aruba and now our American hero crew searching for her, it means a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

As always, thank you for the update! I am filled with high hopes that everything goes smoothly for you over the next few days.

Send images when you have an opportunity. You guys are first class! No matter the outcome, America greatly appreciates your efforts for the Holloway and Twitty family.

Take good care!

Also, it is important to say that we will never forget Natalee no matter what!

Anonymous said...

we've been with you, supporting you all the way since the Persistence left Louisiana. No matter the outcome, we are very proud of you and you efforts.

Good luck and please get some sleep tonight.

r&s_MA said...

Good Morning!

Blessings and Prayers are with you all everyday!

The video is amazing,the seas seem to be rough that day. Thank you for the updates and the blog for interaction.
Thank you to all your families as well. They are also in our hearts and prayers.


Observer said...

Hi Kyle and Crew,
Thanks for keeping us updated!!
All of us at Scaredmonkeys are Hopeing and Praying that ROV works as good as the sonar and Natalee is one of your first targets. Best of luck today!

Debbie (BFN) said...

Kyle, our prayers continue for the Persistence, her crew and the search team.

Sharon/Tx said...

Good morning Kyle and crew. I hope that you got some rest last night. The anticipation of the endeavor has to be nerve wracking. God answers our prayers in His own time....... and I think the time is near. You are the angels that will help answer our prayers. Godspeed, calm seas, and blessings to you!

GabbyG said...

Hello to all! Just stopping by to let you know we are close by, and keeping the prayers going. Today starts the part that we have all been waiting for, that which will give us all some answers, either negative or positive.
Whether you find Natalee or not you are all heroes, you have all put your own lives on hold in order to give of yourselves for a grieving family and their lost child. You are the stuff that hopes, dreams and prayers are made of.
Praying for your safety, and for success in your mission. God's hand is guiding you.
We love you all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Persistance, I know there is no way we can know the sacrifice you are making for this family. Please know that we are all so very grateful and in awe of your dedication to finding this little girl. I'm posting this to hopefully give you some encouragement in your hard, selfless and heartfelt work. Vestmom

Don't Quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When funds are low and debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns.
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.
Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.
And you can never tell how close you are.
It may be near when it seems so far.
So stick to this fight when you're hardest hit -
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.
- Author unknown

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