Friday, December 7, 2007

V. Behind the Effort

Behind the search effort is a team of individuals with a single unified focus and purpose: Find Natalee Holloway.
Perhaps the most common question we receive is "How is this search being supported?"

The answer: The collaboration of a lot of people and numerous companies with the financial support of Louis Schaefer Jr.

The major contributors are as follows (in no particular order):

Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch

Louis Schaefer Jr. and Tim Trahan


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle!

Has the crew arrived in Aruba yet?

Anonymous said...

please send us an update when you have a chance and let your readers know if your mission has begun in Aruba.

Dixie said...

Thank you for all that you and the rest of the crew are trying to do for Natalee and her family.
There are so many ugly people spreading ugly rumors about this case - its nice to see genuine people that actually care.
May you have smooth sailing with the wind at your back.
God Bless and God Speed
Please bring our *BAMA* girl home.

lousw said...

I have written a poem


We have prayed with all our might
For God to please make things right
For a young woman and her family
Who have not been afforded honor and dignity

God has heard our prayers and our plea
And has now set a ship upon the sea
Persistence and a chosen crew is on the way now
With God's angels guiding them from the bow

Our hopes and our prayers are with you
We know you will do the best you can do
To find our precious angel, Natalee
If she is anywhere in that expanse of sea

Although souls are tired as it has been so long
Faith and hope are still strong
Persistent is what we have been and will continue to be
And Persistence will find and return our beloved Natalee

Anonymous said...

Many blessings to the crew of Persistence. My prayer and hope is that you are able to bring our girl, Natalee, home.

Thank you for the support that you have offered to Natalee's family.


Anonymous said...

God bless you Kyle (I am not a very religious person)....but regardless of the fact that I only understand 1/2 of what you were explaning (I am a lawyer...that hates most lawyers!) One could say I am missing the "scientific" part of my brain. Your help to Natalee's family is commendable, I pray for your success, and your compassion for the family which I can only classify as a travesty of justice! Keep us updated, please....much thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it looks like the case will be closed on Dec. 31 due to lack of evidence. If you find Natalee after Jan. 1, can they re-arrest those guys and prosecute them even if they declared the case closed at the end of 2007?

Anonymous said...

i pray for you all daily and for Natalee to be returned home and justice to be served.thank you so much for all of your efforts and love and compassion

lousw said...

I pray for the safe arrival of the Persistence and her crew and all those that will assist them after they arrive. God, please have Your angels guide them in this task that is so very important for Natalee and her families. Although we will not be there with them, we will be with them in spirit and in prayer. We praise You, Lord, for Your intervention that enabled this search to be accomplished.

With Your help, God, and the Persistence, we CAN bring our beloved angel Natalee home.

Anonymous said...

the hardest thing in the world it seems is to interpret Aruban law but I think they can reopen the case if these guys can find her remains. I find the timing interesting between the re-arrests, the planned search that has been in the works since last summer, and the rush to close the case unsolved.

I think the re-arrest was a way to argue to close the case once and for all and I believe Mos is in on it too with all the rest.

God willing, I believe you will find her but I am not confident there will be justice for Natalee. At this point we are looking for closure for the family. No child should be abandoned in a watery grave thousands of miles from home.

God bless all of you and please be safe!

Natalee's Freebirds said...

We wish the crew of the Persistence Godspeed and safe seas.

Thank you all so very much for your dedication, generosity, and belief in this cause.

Yours is a noble and commendable task, and our hearts are with each one of you.

Anonymous said...

I see all this, all that has gone on since the night Natalee disappeared, up to and including your ship - as part of His plan. His plan to use even the evil that has been done as a means to even further sift the chaffe of us.

People have come full circle even on themselves. We've all had every opportunity to be the best of people or the worst, and even then turn around and amend our ways - or not. I think there will be a lot of people standing there someday - finally recognizing what all of this was really about for us each, personally.

Everyone says "this is about Natalee." I contend they are wrong. It hasn't been about Natalee since the day she went home to be with our Lord. All of this that has followed - every word, nuance, action or inaction, has been about - each of us. We have been on a seemingly faster track to be the persons we really are, the person HE knows, the person on our inside.

Lori said...

God be with you on this journey.
It is a wonderful thing you are doing for justice, and closure for Natalee's family.
Many of us are praying for your success.

JusticeforNatalee said...

Good wishes and prayers go out to the dedicated

Thank you for your courage.

We will all be thinking of you.

Thank you for your labor of love.

Keraste said...

Tak sa mycker to you Kyle and to the entire crew and benefactors for giving of yourselves so generously and with such humbleness for the good of others. In this season of warmth and goodness overall, know that all of us here will be right on board with you in spirit for this search.

Miracles are real and happen every day. I'm praying that God says "Yes, let it be" and that steel trap will tell it's tale so Natalee's family can have peace in knowing she isn't lost anymore.


GabbyG said...

Just stopping by to say hello and remind you that you are all in our prayers daily. Faith and prayer are in the wind blowing over and around the Persistence as she rolls forward toward Aruba for the sole purpose of bringing one young woman home who has become the daughter, sister, friend to all America. Natalee's tragedy has pulled all of us together in a common return to America what belongs to America. Natalee is one of our own and she wants to come home.
The voices of many are being raised in prayer for your safety and success in your mission.
I believe because of the goodness that drives this search you will be successful in finding Natalee.

We cant be with you but we can be the power of prayer that will guide the Persistence and her crew toward a safe and successful mission. God has your back.

You are all heroes. Regardless of the outcome of your search your kindness of heart and spirit wont soon be forgotten.

Prayers for the Persistence and crew.

Anonymous said...

God bless all of you for your generous hearts, your compassionate souls, and your spirit of persistence that you've carried in your hearts for Natalee.

Your kindness and empathy bears the promise that hope is indeed possible for our humanity, because people like you cared enough to summon the best from our collective spirit, in a heroic effort to bring this precious child home to her family!

May God bless you and may your compassionate hearts be a model for us all - as to depths of greatness the human spirit is capable of when the kindness of many join hands together in healing those with broken hearts, and raising up a child's voice, that her truth might be honored, her voice might be heard, her right to human dignity served through hearts that open up in responding to her cries to come home!

May the Christmas spirit of hope that bears witness to all that Natalee and her beautiful family have suffered, become a life-giving presence in each of us, a promise that envisions new possibilities that lie ahead, a belief that the power of hope that rises through each of us, may in turn give hope and comfort to Natalee's family, with the knowledge that our hearts are with them, joined to their sorrow, but firmly planted in the belief that Natalee's hope will rise above these darkened waters, that the joy of her spirit will summon each of us to give honor to her precious life, her good name, by the manner in which we will remember her.

Let this child's suffering bear witness to the depths of heartless cruelty that tried to crush a young girl's spirit, and the magnificence of life-giving hope that rises above the darkest evil of heartless souls, - a hope that rises above a wretched cruelty, a hope that finds expression through ships at sea, navigated through the goodness of men, for whom integrity and honor are a way of living. Hope for Natalee, because YOU are the bearers of hope!

May God's blessings be with you; may you find this Christmas child, NATALEE - and bring her home!

God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

I am still following your trail daily. I am hopeful that the ship of hope, Persistence, will arrive tomorrow as projected.

Good luck with your journey. There are tens of thousands of us with you in spirit.

lousw said...

Anonymous, that is about the most beautiful post that I have seen on any site since Natalee went missing 2-1/2 years ago.

Thank You!!!

Pmm55x said...

Thank you for all you do! So many people have been touched by this sad case. Blessings and Godspeed, with prayers for Great Success in your selfless endeavor!

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