Sunday, December 16, 2007

VI. The Arrival

Friday, Nov-30, 2200 hours: The R/V Persistence departs the Port of New Iberia with seven crew members on board, headed to Isla Mujeres Mexico. The seas and wind are calm, and the visibility is excellent.

Tuesday, Dec-04- 1200 hrs: Dockside Isla Mujeras. The tropical waters are calm and the skies are clear. We take on 1,700 gallons of fuel and head out bound for Jamaica in 2-4ft swells.

Thursday, Dec-06 - 1900 hrs: Slowed down to clutch speed due to weather. We took shelter on the west-side (leeward) of Jamaica.

Tuesday, Dec-11 - 1100 hrs: Leaving Jamaica for Aruba. Tropical Storm Olga is quickly moving towards our location. We head out in 7-10ft seas to stay ahead of the coming storm. Wind E 15-20kts.
1900 hrs: The seas quickly build to 10-12 ft swells. We alter our course to avoid heaving rolling due to running in side-seas. Winds NE 20-25kts.

Wed, Dec 12 - 0900 hrs: Seas 8-10ft, in a moderate squall with heavy rain. Wind NE 30-35kts.

Thurs, Dec 13 - 1900 hrs: Seas building at 10-12ft with E wind 25-30kts. Rain is often heavy.

Friday, Dec-14th - 0600 hrs: Seas 12-14 ft with E wind 25-30kts. 121 miles to Aruba

Saturday, Dec-15 - 1615 hrs: ARRIVED at Aruba pilot station. Port Authorities board and the Persistence is cleared for docking.

Sunday, Dec-16 - 1100 hrs: Taking on fresh water. Crew change.


Blue Moon said...

Thank GOD you arrived safely to your destination. We know you had a treacherous trip. Our prayers are with you and our hope is you bring Natalee home to her family for Christmas. Be safe and good luck on this journey for the grieving family. You and your team are a GOD send to all whom have followed this case but especially the family.

Anonymous said...

God bless all of you as you embark on this next path to your journey.
May God's Spirit surround you and protect you. May God keep you safe.

Let the desserts bloom through your kindness!
Let silent voices be heard!
May your compassion give strength to hearts that are tattered and torn, may your courage, give strength to those imprisoned in fear.

May your works of mercy be a model for all of us as to the immeasurable possiblities that lie in our abilities to imagine - something new, something life-giving for a family so brutally tormented and suffering in such unbearable pain.

Breathe new life into this child's suffering, Persistence, and give hope to her family by the acts of love and mercy your search efforts reveal!

May God's Spirit be upon you, and guide you to finding this little Christmas child ... NATALEE...that she may finally be released from the cruelty that confines her remains, and with the dignity and respect she deserves, be surrounded by your gentle compassionate hearts and on the wings of your love, finally come home!

God bless all of you for the goodness that you restore to humanity and the hope you restore for all of us!

God bless the crew of Peristence!

Hope for Natalee Holloway and her beautiful, loving family!

holloway57 said...

May God's will be done and His Glory shine and show the way to uncover the location of Natalee. I hope we will remember to forgive others of sins as God forgives us of our sins. I hope and pray that God will lead you and protect all of you in this search for Natalee. God's speed and thank you for your time, money and efforts, our prayers are with you. Steve Holloway

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you will do. Please God that Natalee will be found by you.

Anonymous said...

God be with ya'll.
Stay safe and we love ya'll

deb said...

So happy and relieved you all are safely there.So many hopes, wishes, and prayers ride with you as we pray for Natalees return. God will guide you in your efforts and can still the waters when you are afraid. Listen and he and Natalee will guide you. All my love for Christmas and always

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the update and the video. lol, post videos whenever possible. good luck with the search. y'all are in our prayers and thoughts daily.

Anonymous said...

May the spirit of God bless you, and be with you on this search for our Dear Natalee. I am also thanking God for your safe arrival!

Sue said...

Thank you to all of you, your in my prayers every minute of every day..

Silverfox said...

All the way to here, The Philippines, we join the rest of the world in wishing you the very safest, best and successful search. God Bless you all and the work you do for justice and peace of mind.

Sue said...

Was wondering how many days you all intend to search? and How many square miles can you cover a day??


Anonymous said...

So happy you all have arrived safely! May God bless your efforts in trying to find our girl and bring her home. You are a group of brave and caring people and God be with you in your search. Safe Journeys.....

Anonymous said...

Prayers are answered that you all would arrive safely.

Please find "our girl" and bring her home.

Debbie said...

Faith, hope and prayers for Natalee and the wonderful people on the Persistence.

txsunshine82657 said...

God bless you in this search. My prayers are with you.
"Lord God, all that I am and everything I do comes from you, so I give it back to you. May I live only to do your will. May all my efforts have their beginning in you, and may they be brought to completion by your will.

Walk with me on the journey of faith, and guide me along the way. Show me your will, and give me the faith to trust and follow you. May the journey lead to heaven, and may I rest with you in peace forever."

Anonymous said...

"Heaven, let your light shine down!!!" (Great song, Kyle!)

Yes! Heaven, let your light shine down!
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

God bless all the crew of the Persistence!

What a remarkable group of people you are!!

Thank you for the gift of your kindness and compassion to Natalee and her beautiful family.

The world stands by watching and waiting with great hope and expectation.
We pray that God will guide you in finding her, and bringing her home.

May God's grace lead you to her, that she may finally be released from this savage cruelty, and returned to her loving family with the dignity and grace that surrounds her even now - through your loving care.

The light of heaven is already shining, Persistence!

It is blazing in mighty shield of glory and truth, shining down upon a group of incredible people, whose compassion and kindness knows no boundaries nor depths to which it is not willing to go, in order to be a source of life-giving hope to a child imprisoned by evil, and a family that continues to suffer the loss of this beautiful child, and the brokenness of not knowing where she is, while begging for help that she be returned to her family.

Heaven, let your light continue to shine down on the crew of the Persistence.


1. to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, especially in spite of opposition

ie., to persist in working for justice, in finding a child who, despite the evil forces of opposition that imprisoned her, and hid her from her family, despite the opposition and cruelty that colluded to crush her voice and bury her truth while claiming that she has "run away", or that she "just kind of vanished", despite all the forces of evil that seek to destroy this child's human dignity, the gift of PERSISTENCE WILL RISE UP TO HONOR HER, PROTECT HER AND CLAIM HER RIGHT TO JUSTICE, AND CARRY HOME HER TRUTH!

2. to last or endure tenaciously:

Despite the brutality that continues to be inflicted upon them, Natalee Holloway's family endures tenaciously in their steadfast, dedicated persistence to find their beloved child, Natalee.

3. to be insistent in a statement, request, question.

The world persists with the Guardians of Natalee's Hope - The CREW - PERSISTENCE, in finding the answers to the questions:

Where is Natalee Holloway?
What was done to her?
Who will protect this child's human rights?
Who will care enough to release this child from the cruelty inflicted upon her, and bring this child home to her family?

Perhaps the persistence of Natalee can be a source of hope to all of us!

Natalee - the persistent child, who refused to allow her voice to be silenced, her spirt to be crushed by evil men and women.

Natalee - the persistent child, who demands answers to the question: Where is honor and integrity in the enforcement of laws that were written to protect and give justice to human life?

Natalee - the persistent child who tenaciously insists that her voice be heard, her truth be told, her right to justice served!

Natalee - the persistent child who summons the world to a posture of HOPE and JUSTICE!

Rise up, sweet Natalee and claim your right to finally come home!

Bless all of you, Persistence crew, and Guardians of Natalee's hope!

Keep the hope alive because you cared enough to love her, and honor her blessed spirit!

God bless all of you!


GabbyG said...

Hi Kyle and crew, and all the others who have made this search possible. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that we are so grateful for your safe arrival in Aruba, and we continue to pray daily for your safety and your success in finding our Natalee.

Because of your beautiful hearts and courage I believe God really will lead you to Natalee. And I believe that He has chosen you all as her special guardians and protectors after you find her, to bring her back home safely. God IS with you all each minute of each day, his Angels are all around you and I am sure that Natalee is one of them. What wonderful traveling companions! Be assured that you are walking God's chosen path throughout this mission.

Constant and continuous prayers for your safety and success are being offered up from all around the world.
We love you all!!

Amy said...

God Bless.

All that needs to be said has been done before me much more eloquently than I every could, but you are prayed for.

I see the comment by Steve, and prayers are with you too for peace in your heart and to bring Natalee home.

I have a 16 year old niece, today is her birthday. I just CANNOT imagine - I know that. I would also not give up.

DennisAOK said...

This is good news, and we are hoping for even better news. Many are behind you in support and gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you day and night. Thank you for all the work, and dedication you all have for Natalee. May God keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

Persistence - This ship is perfectly named because people all over the world have been persistent in seeking justice for Natalee. May this ship and crew be successful both in bringing Natalee home, and in placing all those responsible in prison. Praying that this search gives the family peace and closure along with justice for Natalee.

Anonymous said...

God bless you. Thank you.

ironman said...

May God continue to guide and protect all of you who are on this Search Mission. I can feel it from within, you are going to FIND Natalee, I can also feel the Hi Emotions that are coming, I pray for the Family of Natalee and for all the Men on Persistence and all those whom are following this Missing person case to comfort them, for I feel the emotions will run even Higher as when Laci Peterson was found..

I also Pray that when this takes Place those who are responsible for Matalee's dismay will pay a HEAVY PRICE..

I Pray for all this in the Name of JESUS


deb said...

It is so inspiring to read your daily activities in the search for Natalee. We all feel as though we are there with you each and every day. Our spirits are. God bless you and keep you safe and continue to guide you. God will see that justice is served. All my love and prayers

Anonymous said...

by lousw, 12/16/07 14:01 ET
Lord, we thank You for sending Your Ship of Hope, the Persistence, to the waters of Aruba. Although it experienced rough waters, we knew that You and Your heavenly angels were there to make sure it safely reached it's destination.

We offer our prayers for this vessel and it's crew and for all the others that will be part of this search for Natalee. We pray that the days ahead will lead to an end of the agonizing unknowing that her families have endured for so many months. We can not express how this makes us feel, that finally her families just may obtain what they have wanted for so long now - the return of their precious Natalee.

As we go forward into the days to come, we put our problems, our concerns and our hearts in your hands and ask that You make things right.

In Your name, we pray. Amen†

kyle_sis said...

Hey bro,

we'll miss you for Christmas, Kyle, you know that. but keep up your excellent work. our thoughts and prayers go with you and the hunt for NH. very apropos lyric selection on your vid...more videos, please! we heard the news today about the search being "called off;" thanks for updating; really glad that you guys are still out there, searching for justice.

miss you,

jules said...

the song "shine" will always and forever hold newer deeper meaning for me from this point on... may god bless you and keep you all safe!!

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