Monday, December 17, 2007

VII. Beginning the Search

Tuesday, 18-Dec - 1500 hrs:
Aruba authorities and prosecutors close the Holloway case and investigation and said they do not have the evidence to charge anyone. Prosecutors said they will reopen the case "if new serious evidence were to be found." The statute of limitations is six years for involuntary manslaughter and 12 years for homicide, they said. Regardless, this announcement WILL NOT affect the search by the Persistence. This announcement comes the day before the search team will begin the side scan sonar survey of the newly-mapped area.

UPDATE: 18-Dec - 1510 hrs: The Persistence has begun the search. Bathymetric survey nearing completion.

Before the side scan sonar can be safely towed, the seafloor must be accurately characterised in terms of its topography. The R/V Persistence comes all-stop once it reached the survey area. A sound velocity profile (SVP) is performed to measure the speed of sound throughout the water column. Normally, performing a SVP in deep water is nothing exciting to write home about. However, without announcement and in unison the crew gathers on the back deck of the Persistence and takes a silent vigil as the sensor disappears into the depths. This SVP feels somehow different than the rest. We continue to watch as the instrument approaches bottom. Once it reaches bottom, it is slowly retrieved. Again, the crew awaits silently watching and waiting for the return of the instrument. Suddenly, out of the deep it takes shape and it breaks the surface. Although unspoken, I believe the crew felt this SVP to be somewhat symbolic of what lies ahead.

Line by line, the Persistence collects bathymetry data from within the search area as if conducting an interrogation. After a while, a picture slowly emerges. With a geologic history dating back to the Late Cretaceous, the seabed resembles an old living creature, full of character and tales. We know this creature will fight to hold onto its secrets. However, the very nature of the seabed merely fortifies our resolution and renews our vigor knowing that every crevice will soon be exposed in the light of a side scan sonar.


Anonymous said...

the task at hand will be a challenge for all involved. In your most difficult hours when you feel most discouraged, remember all of America is behind you in your quest to find Natalee Holloway.

Daily prayers go out to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed, be safe, know we are all praying for you that you succeed and that your courage and wisdom guide you to Natalee.

J said...

Thank you so much for the daily update. I'm sure that seabed has many tales to tell. I know it is a somber task but you give us journeys

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Awesome!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

God Bless all of you for continuing the search for Natalie. Shes is everybodies teenager. Thank You for going the extra mile.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way with words you have, you made me feel as though I were there. So glad to see Natalee has captured your hearts and souls as she has us at Scared Monkeys. Prayers going out to you all. You are doing a wonderful work!!

justinsmama said...

May your search be led by God.

sirensong said...

HOW EXCITING! Thanks for the updates, I felt as if I was standing there with you! We are all behind you, and God is at the helm. Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS each and every one of you. You all are in our prayers. Bring America's girl home where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is so eloquent and inspriational, and even an educational experience as well! The comments here speak volumes of how God's hands are in your quest and the many wonderful people praying for you and your successful endeavor. The entire crew are very blessed and wonderful human beings. Always keep in your hearts and minds the many people praying for your safety, as well as the main goal of finding Natalee to bring her home, where she belongs!

Thank you so much for sharing this venture with the writings and video's. Great song too! I have no doubt Heaven is shing down on you! God Bless you all!

Dihannah1 - Scared Monkeys

justice4nat said...

God Bless you and guide you on your search for Natalee. Thank you for keeping us posted about your search for "our girl." To so many of us, Natalee could have been our own daughter/sister/niece etc. and we want her home where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

They tried to crush her voice, Kyle.

They tried to bury her truths.

But it seems that The Persistence has created a way for Natalee's voice to finally be heard - if indeed her precious body was caste away into the sea, without a thought or care for her human dignity or the heartache this cruelty has inflicted upon her family.

How glorious it is, Kyle - that there might indeed be a way for this Christmas child to speak!

How incredible would it be, for Natalee's voice to finally be heard through images that only she could generate, to signify where all the heartless cruelty has contained her for over two years!!!

And how fitting, indeed it would be - for her voice to finally speak and be heard through precious images that point to the handprint of her cries, images that only she can create, images that tell the story of her suffering and torment, through the return of sounds that only she can generate, sounds that - God willing, will signal where they imprisoned her, sounds of her cries spoken through images, that beg for her to be set free, images, that beg for her to be found and taken home to her family!

May God's Spirit be upon you all, Persistence!

The images from beneath the water are surely matched by the breadth of beauty and glory aboard your ship. There is no force on earth that can withstand the power of life-giving HOPE!

Light up the earth with the glory of this child's truth, and the spirit of persistence and hope in your amazing hearts, as we all continue to believe that miracles are indeed possible, because Hope dared to stand before the forces of evil, and demand that justice and compassion be served to an innocent child so brutally victimized!

Thank you, Persistence crew!
You bring hope where there had once been nothing but sorrow.

You hold the promise that something new, something life-giving, lies ahead...because you dared to Hope for Natalee and her family, you dared to persist in loving her, you dared to care that she deserves to come home to her family!

You dared to stand up for a child who was caste aside, her human dignity stripped from her, and in this cruelty and suffering, you claimed her right to be remembered with dignity and compassion, and returned to her beautiful family!

May this child's voice be heard!
May her cries yield the images that will lead you to finding her!

God bless you, Persistence!


texasmom said...

Thanks so much for giving us that have grown to love Natalee and her family the opportunity to feel like we are a part of your great effort. I as many others feel like I'm there with you after reading Kyle's eloquent words and viewing the video. This is such a blessed change from what we've experienced over the last 2 1/2 years of yearning for information. We are all praying that God will bless you and keep you safe.

Debbie (BFN) said...

Matthew 10:26:
"So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

Tiko-BFN said...

God be with you and the crew of this magnificant ship.
God willing Natalee will be found.

Anonymous said...

Insomnia again Kyle? You will need your rest and resolve for tomorrow. Try to get some rest and know that we are all with you in spirit!

Anonymous said...

You know where she is. Go get her. You are the miracle the Sloots and Kalpoes never expected could happen.
God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

Kyle! It's morning, the roosters have crowed!

Time to wake up and make that ocean sing!!!

God's blessings be with all of you today!

Go out there and search for a miracle!



Sharon/Tx said...

Listen and look at the beauty of the ocean and as you are searching, stop and feel........ feel the prayers coming from around the world for you. May all the angels in Heaven guide you to answers and keep you safe. Thank you Kyle and the Persistence.

Miss-Underestimated said...

My thoughts are with all of you.
If anyone can bring Natalee home it is you and Persistence.
God Bless everyone of you and PERSISTENCE is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

out of curiosity, is it possible for silt and material from the ocean floor to cover a 1M by 1M crab trap over 2 1/2 years time. With the crab trap being so far down, perhaps 1000 meters, I would imagine it would not be disturbed even if a hurricane passed over above the sea. Using your expertise can you comment on this?

Anonymous said...

Good luck guys...we're all pulling for you here in the states.

Sol said...

Thanks to everyone involved with the search. Those of us who cannot be physically present are with you in spirit.

No one thought the Titanic could be found....

Sylvia said...

There are so many who wish they could do something hands on, in addition to prayer, to help bring Natalee home. Thank you for doing this. There's been so much evil against Natalee and The Holloways, it's nice to see some good. Know that you have a lot of support and prayers behind you in this journey.

Anonymous said...


How is the oceanic interrogations coming? Surely your good deeds will yeild much for unscrupulous men and women to think about.

For here comes The Persistence, able to make waters speak and give answers to tormenting questions, that the unconscionable failed to provide answers to - for a family so brutally tormented, and a child so helpless and defenseless as they made Natalee.

The child whose life was robbed, whose dreams and hopes were stolen, beckons to speak, Kyle!

May the goodness of your hearts draw forth her voice, that the waters open up and allow her cries to be heard!

What a marvelous crew of wonderful human beings you all are!

We are there by your side, Persistence in the HOPE that Natalee will be found and that her beautiful family will finally be able to bring her home.

Courage, strength, persistence,and hope for Natalee and her family!

God's blessings on you all and on Beth and Dave and their families.

Let the REAL interrogations begin, Kyle!

May God's Spirit be upon all of you through this journey of hope to find Natalee and bring her home!

They tried to silence her voice Kyle, but The Persistence found a way for her to speak.

The tyranny of the corrupt terrorizes through the silence of complicity.

But there will be no tyranny of silence and complicity aboard The Persistence!

A sound goes out into the oceans deepest waters, calling out to her, beckoning for her reply.

If God wills it, she will indeed be found, Persistence but surely God has also willed that the world witness how hope is born into this world, through compassionate hearts, and souls of mighty integrity, that beckon the world to draw courage and strength, to dare to put on the robes of hope, and carry the mantle of justice for this child - and in this act of blessed kindness, give hope to all our children everywhere!

Hope for Natalee because YOU are the bearers of Hope!

God bless you, Persistence!


Anonymous said...

May the Lord God search through you and find the truth. We are thankful for you.

k.b. said...

I hope and pray that ya'll find Natalee Holloway. My prayers are with you. God Bless You and Keep You.

Anonymous said...

May God be with you and keep you all safe as you search for Natalee. You are all such a blessing for Natalee and her family.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and the wonderful thing you are doing and sending you heartfelt thanks and all good luck.

Anonymous said...

May the angels come down from heaven and be with you. God lead them to Natalee. I pray with all my energy for the success the world is wanting and watching for. For Natalee Holloway to be brought home to her country, The United States of America.

God be with the Persistence and her blessed crew.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would be better than for you to find Natalee and bring her home. I keep waiting for that day and believe that it will be soon! Thoughts and prayers for all of you from League City. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the help, volunteering your own time, working as a team, having faith, your endurance, the daily news updates and information, GODSPEED IS WITH YOU, AND PROVIDE THE FAMILY WITH A MIRACLE.

Jerry from Ohio said...

Lords speed to all onboard and be safe and we will be praying for your success and we stand behind you here at home .
Jerry from Ohio
PS: Please remember also. "All the Sharks in Aruba are not in the water" .

Anonymous said...

God please give these angels wings to soar above the ocean to scoop down to pluck precious Natalie from the depths of where evil people left her alone and left her mother and father in depths of despair. God we need the truth to be revealed. We lift up to you God the crew. Give them eyes of eagles. Give them rest. Let them know how much we care and admire their hearts. We are with them in spirit.

R&S_MA said...

Thank You very much for the updates. The scientific finds themselves we are curious to learn. Praying you find Natalee for her family,but in the event you don't we know you did above and beyond the call!!!
God bless you all and your search!
We pray you stay safe in your search and journey.

There really aren't words to express the appreciation for your time,search,equipment,shouldering the cost,the seperation from your families,etc... As part of the public watching and praying for all involved as well as Natalee and her family and friends WE Thank You from our Hearts!
from central massachusetts--raz,sharon and family

Anonymous said...

If only this much exposure was given to all those hundreds of other missing children.

G said...

We love you Kyle! Your family is home loving, supporting, and praying for you and the crew everyday. We are proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank to all involved in the search for Natalee. What you do is true heroism. What precious hope you offer Dave and Beth in another attempt to find Natalee and bring her home.

purplepen said...

May your hearts beat with the heartbeat of God - strong, resolute, convinced that what He set you out to do will be perfected unto it's end. Keep the course, unwavering led by His Spirit, strong and true.


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