Wednesday, January 2, 2008

X. Persistence

Fri 12-Jan 1145 hrs
The seas calmed down dramatically since Wednesday. Last night was smooth sailing and saw double the progress of the previous nights.

Thurs 11-Jan 0030 hrs
The bathymetric survey of the new grid is completed. The search area now totals approximately 57 sq miles, compared to the original 22 sq miles.

Maritime map making has long been an integral aspect of ocean exploration. As adventure seeking sea-faring men of old expanded their frontier, master artisans such as Ortelius and Cicero painstakingly plotted their progress. Instead of producing drab plots where form follows function, they used their artistry to produce meaningful navigation aids and passionately capture the spirit of exploration into their product. Areas of the yet-unknown are filled with caricatures of sea monsters and mermaids.

Today, a new generation of maritime map making, perhaps ushered in by Heezen and Tharpe, provides a new look into the abyss. Hand-painted murals with Latin place names are now replaced with computer generated 3D perspective views with satellite imagery. The old merchant ships and frigates that once sailed these waters charting coastlines and reefs claimed by the sea can now be found and mapped. It's an interesting connection between the old and new and we sail the same seas.

Wed 09-Jan 1816 hrs
All Internet connectivity was lost for two days due to rough seas and equipment failure. The old adage "No news is good news" only applies on land. Offshore, the 'Law of the Sea' rules and no news usually just means "lost contact". The seas were 6-8ft with the occasional 12+ft swell. The past two nights were spent conducting a bathymetry-only survey of the new grid. The new grid more than doubles the original search area. If completed, the total area thoroughly searched will be 80% the size of Aruba. Currently, the seas are calm relative to what we've been experiencing. The four digits posted on the echo-sounder is a reminder of the limits being put to the test.

Every body of water near land has its own unique character, temperament, and color. The nature of water is governed by the trio of land, sea, and sky. The sea surface reflects the sky, the water column contains the turbidity from the land, and the seabed stares upward through the water column as long as the water allows it to. However, as the seabed falls away into the abyss, the color is always the same dark navy blue. Staring into these deep and dark waters reminds me that this island is surrounded by the same water that flows throughout our entire world. On the surface, the expanse of the sea divides us. Looking deeper, it is really what connects us all. Perhaps the sea gives a reflection of human nature and not just the sky.

Sun 06-Jan 1635

The seas abated sufficiently to maintain our progress through the night and into the early morning hours. The Persistence arrived dockside around 0430 hrs this morning. Rested and ready, the crew makes ready for departure at 1515 hrs. Now a routine, the crew toss the lines and we depart. Leaving the dock past the behemoth cruise ships reminds me of the opening scene from "Space Balls". Their shear immensity projects an image of being impervious to the seas.
Offshore, the seas are the same as yesterday, 5-8ft with the occasional 10ft swell.

Sat 05-Jan-1610 hrs
The Persistence arrived dockside at 0500 hrs after a long night offshore. A few hours sitting still at the dock is revitalizing for a few of the beleaguered crew. Outside, the winds are unrelenting and whip the sea into angry white caps which crash onto the protective reef skirting the harbor. Even the heartiest seabirds have taken cover. The tourist submersible Atlantis VI cancels its evening tour in lieu of being forced backwards by the driving currents. Inside, the Persistence is bustling with the daily chores of living on board a boat. With a whistle and a rumble, the twin Diesels comes alive without complaint. Once they’re warm, the lines are tossed and we’re off.

Brief squall
Sat 05-Jan- 0025 hrs
The wind and seas have not let up at all throughout day and night. Working in the rough conditions is taking its toll on some of the crew. Regardless, spirits and hope remain high as we push onwards. Working in side-seas proved unrealistic. The last resort is to dead-head straight into the seas without recording and acquire data with the swells moving with the vessel. Although time consuming, at least production is maintained even though it is at half the rate.

Many have confused adventure with inconvenience, trading the provocative for status quo. I believe exploration both in terms of our surroundings and within ourselves is the essence of human spirit. When denied, we're left feeling isolated and unknown. When we have the courage to search these depths, we learn the most about who we are and hopefully a thing or two about each other and our surroundings.

Fri 04-Jan-1557 hrs
The skies are clear and the winds are strong and steady. Wind 25kts gusting 30+. Seas 5-6ft, with the occasional 10ft+ swell. The seas are too rough to run sonar into the seas, so we shift to a different grid with lines running perpendicular to the dominant swells. Working in side-seas produces somewhat cleaner data, but takes a heavy toll on the crew rolling and heaving about inside the boat.

Thurs 03-Jan 2200 hrs
As the Persistence travels through the turquoise Aruban waters to start another day of searching, onlooking swimming seabirds and flying fish curiously come alongside the boat. We worked all day and will continue working through the night. As we work on, we maintain a rhythm yet avoid routine. Over-familiarity risks carelessness and worse, complacency. For any one of us to even momentarily lose our focus opens the door for utter failure. The tremendous progress so far was only made possible with a very strong team, excellent leadership, planning, and prayer. There have been many times when there is nothing to say, times when nothing can be said, and times when words alone cannot describe the situation. We will continue on through the night, until the beckoning glow of the rising sun silhouettes our return to the dock.

Wed 02-Jan- 1920 hrs
The first round of ROV dives are complete.
The Persistence leaves the dock at 0650 hrs. The relentless wind is SE 25-30 kts with 6-8ft swells and 3-4ft wind waves. The two wave forms occasionally add together producing impressive swells which toss around anything that isn’t dogged down. Simple tasks such as taking a shower become complicated and awkward. By now, the search team is well-seasoned to the conditions and terrain. The new grid poses new challenges but provides another chapter to be read. Inch by inch, mile by mile the search continues forward and the data is good.

02-Jan 1830-1900 hrs - At sunset


texaswinesnob said...

So many thoughts and prayers are with you in your journey. We appreciate the updates and want so much for you to find Natalee. Thank you from League City, Texas.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Kyle! Prayers are being said throughout the days for the entire crew. I pray that God send you straight to Natalee! God bless Dave and Beth.

Anonymous said...

“The relentless wind is SE 25-30 kts with 6-8ft swells and 3-4ft wind waves.”

1. the vital spirit; the soul.
2. Theology. the Spirit of God; the Holy Ghost.

[Origin: 1875–80; < Gk pneûma lit., breath, wind, akin to pneǐn to blow, breathe ]

Kyle, may the breathe of the wind embrace your ship with loving protection and friendship, and breathe into your hearts all the joy of the spirit that is Natalee, and guide you gently towards the treasure that you seek.

Our hearts are with you, Persistence! God bless you and keep all of you safe!


Miss-Underestimated said...

My thoughts are with all of you today. What a great sacrifice you have all made. May 2008 bring an end to the suffering of Natalee's family.

God Bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!

Hope and prayers continue for you all.

Equusearch Mother of Five! said...

It is a blessing to watch the parable of the lost sheep unfold in your lives. Thank you for making one daughter important and for leaving no stone unturned as you continue to search. Your hard work and dedication is being watched around the world and we are all grateful to see how you are allowing God to work through you.

JusticeforNatalee said...

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you, heroes of the Persistence for your
brave, meticulous, and dedicated work.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to see your dediction and hard work. May you find Natalee and bring her back home where she belongs. I know you are trying your hardest. Our prayers are with you and Natalee's family. We pray that God hears our prayers.

observer said...

Hi Kyle,

I also wanted to thank you and the entire team for what you guys are doing and the sacrafices you have made to help Natalee and her Family.

Something has been in the back of my mind for 30+ months now and I wanted to make sure you were aware of it. After Natalee dissapeared there was a bloody Mattress that appeared in Grapefield Beach it was quickly determined that it was not related to Natalee and that it was saturated and soaked in Dogs Blood. We know that Joran killed his own dog in the past so there may be a connection.

Also there was a VCB Shirt,Styraphone with teeth marks,Sunglasses and "Suspicious"materials inside a lysol bottle found in the colony area also right after Natalee dissapeared. It has been rumored and reported that the security shirt had dna on it and is related to this case and the arrest of GVC.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of these two findings from early june 2005 on the southern part of the island. Wish you the best of luck and I will continue to be watching closely. Thanks again!!

C said...

All the best wishes in the world for the persistence group. You people has show us that good will has no time or day...thanks. my best to dave and nats mom...your suffering will come to an end and the search team will nat home...sure they will.
Also please DONT let JVS and father and acomplices sleep tight and warm!!! let everybody in the world know that THIS IS THEIR DOING. They can NEVER be left alone or let the world to forget. Will get them with...or without a the US or in his ya!!!

Anonymous said...

"No man can terrorize an entire nation, unless we are all his accomplices!" ( E. R. Murrow)


texasmom said...

Thank you for taking the time to post updates, I as many others anxiously await them. Please know and let everyone with you know how thankful we are for your efforts. I can only imagine some of the sights you will encounter on the ocean floor. Please remember that He is there with you. Thanks again, and God bless all of you.

r&s_MA said...

After reading these posts all we can say is Amen to all of them.
Prayers and thoughts are with you all everyday. thank you for your sacrifice and that of your families.
It is watched around the world,God Bless.

Jules said...

Staring at the recently posted pictures, I look at the vast expanse of water and wonder if that very water flows over where Natalee rests... and tears suddenly start to stream down my face.

Lord, please please let them find her!!

Debbie (BFN) said...

Continued prayers for the Persistence, the search team and her crew.

Faith, Hope and Prayers for Natalee and her family.

zr1blazer said...

with all the bad going on in the world today. its nice to see that something like this is taking place and being paid for by corp. america. good luck and god bless.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Persistence!

Thomas Merton once wrote about the power of hope and its ability to transform the “way one’s life is lived here and now”.

Merton believed that Divine mercy and goodness are more powerful than human evil. According to Merton, the challenges of hope lie in our persistence to “establish a right relationship between the past and the future which gives spiritual solidarity to the present”.

We awaken to this day, with the surge of hope that comes from a ship at sea that joins people together from around the world – in a “spiritual solidarity to the present”, expressed through works of mercy that speak of a thirst for justice and a passion for a child’s truth aboard a ship called “Persistence”.

What better way to change the way we live here and now, then by breaking the chains of human evil from the past, that continue to inflict torture on a child and her family in the present? What better way to establish a “right relationship to the present” by confronting the evil done to Natalee in the past – an evil that persists into the present and chains Natalee's family to her suffering – than by offering hope for the future? It is the power of your love, Persistence that transforms this moment here and now in the present, and offers something life-giving to the Twitty-Holloway family, their loved ones, something life-giving for all of us, and for our children - for their future!

“Hope is the reason I believed Natalee was going to come through that door. Hope is why we react the way we do at all of these…excruciating and ultimately disappointing occurrences. It's that glimmer of a promise that the answer will be revealed.” Beth Holloway

Thank you for blessing us with the gift of hope, Persistence!


wingnut said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless all of you, keep you safe, and lead you to Natalee. You are a testiment to goodness. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kyle and don't get discouraged no matter what! You have so much love and support, I don't think your crew can fully grasp the magnitude of how you have given thousands of America hope, not only for your mission to find Natalee but for humanity as a whole.

It's so easy to get caught up in thinking about the mosters that took a beautiful girl full of life and potential from us; instead, I choose to focus on you and your crew and the selflessness with which you pursue the truth and help the Holloway family.

I am beyond touched by your mission.

Anonymous said...

God bless you all spending your holidays to do a wonderful service. May God give her back to us.
Fort Worth Texas

Tam said...

God Bless you all!
I have been reading this about once a week since you left. but just now saw that we could leave comments! There are so many that are praying for you there! Please Bring sweet Natalee home!
God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Go Team Persistence!!!!

We are right there with you in spirit!


Sharon/Tx said...

Thank you for the updates and the beautiful pictures. The American flag makes me so proud and so do you! You have given up so much to be there. You have missed holidays with your family. You have hearts bigger than the ocean. This search could open or close a chapter and either way - you are heroes. Godspeed.

JusticeforNatalee said...

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

~Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey

Thank you, crew of the Persistence.

Anonymous said...

wow Kyle! over 40,000 hits now on your blog.

I've been away from my computer for a few days and upon my return home, I immediately tuned into your blog to check your progress on finding Natalee Holloway.

This case has deeply touched many Americans. I want you to find her

1) to give her family closure

2) resolve the "evidence shortage" Mos spoke about last month.

I sincerely want Justice for Natalee.

Take care and good luck today!

lousw said...

The Search for Natalee
4 Jan 2008

Some right now are out upon the sea
Searching for a treasure, that treasure being Natalee
They are inspired and are guided from above
While they undertake this effort based on love

Our thoughts are with them each and every day
We think, we cry, we hope, and we pray
That they will be able to right the terrible wrong
Done to a young woman who has been gone so very long.

A quiet but persistent voice is being heard
As they go about their task without a word
They work throughout the day and into the night
Slowly, but with care, to do this task exactly right

Each life is precious, each life is worthwhile
It is not something to ever discard or defile
It must be treated with dignity and respect
It must be something we all expect

We offer our thanks and praise to the Persistence
For their devotion, dedication and loving assistance
Who we hope will bring this heartbreaking situation to an end
So that lives can continue and begin to mend

A family, and the world, sit and wait in anticipation
For any word or information
About where she may be
This precious young woman, Natalee

We hope so much and we fervently pray
That, very soon, we can finally hear someone say
Beloved Natalee has been found
And is homeward bound.

Anonymous said...

Bless you all for your perserverance and dedication!

Stay safe, and please God may your efforts be rewarded with a successful outcome.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Kyle! Those are amazing photographs. I am so proud of all of you! ( Love the Flag photo!)

Seems like the ocean is restless, Kyle. Maybe those oceanic interrorations you are conducting have hit upon a nerve!

Dare to ask the questions, Persistence! Dare to expect answers!

God bless you all and keep you safe! Thank you all for what you are doing. You all give honor to what it means to be an American!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing pictures and also explaining and expressing the search efforts. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for what you are doing.

That picture is amazing. Please becareful while you search, the ocean looks rough in the picture.

How many more weeks of searching? Have you collected data that you think may have a connection with Natalee? I hope to learn more and more as I read each day.

I hope this New Year brings a resolution in this horrible case that never should of happened. May those boys and father pay, justice for Natalee.

Please find Natalee and bring her home. If the ocean search turns up nothing (god forbid), can you ask to search sand dunes and land again?

We need to find her.

Thank you for HARD work in this search. I can just imagine the obstacles....


Anonymous said...

Our Lord is with you, Persistence! For only if you invite the devil to overtake your soul you will not fail under His guidance!

Praise our Lord, praise you all!


Anonymous said...

From Meridian, MS:

God Bless you and may you remain safe throughout your journey. The pics are truly breathtaking! Justice for Natalee!

GabbyG said...

Hi Persistence and crew!
You have so many poems already, but I have written one more for you, hopefully to give a boost of encouragement when one is needed. For you all:

Natalee is somewhere waiting
in a place that's cold and dark.
And when she hears the Persistence
her soul will feel a spark!

Her body is somewhere waiting
but her soul is in another place.
She knows she's not forgotten.
Quietly she waits, with an angel's grace.

She heard her parents talking
about plans to bring her home.
She's waited such a long time,
counting days pass one by one.

But now she knows she's going home.
She'll be on home ground again.
There are wonderful people who are bringing a ship
she tells her Angel friends.

There are people coming to search for me,
they are already looking every day.
A sturdy ship, a caring crew.
God please let them find me, I pray!

Her face will glow with happiness,
and the Angels will sing their song.
She raises her voice to Him in prayer.
Thank you's been so long!

She's ready and waiting, she'll know when they're near.
She'll know when they stop above her.
The Angels will sing and the Heavens will shine.
She's going home to her families who love her!

For the Persistence and crew, a New Year's boost of encouragement for your selfless efforts and dedication. God is with you all. I just felt that since it's the New Year it's okay for this poem to be positive, we have enough negatives already!

Whether you find Natalee or not, you are all still America's Heroes because of your unselfishness, your obvious love of God and belief in doing good for your fellow man with no gain for yourselves. We love you all.
Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year, and many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle, I'm about to violate the 10 line limit rule, and promise not to write a single thing after this,for at least a week!

This seemed like a good time to give back to you something from your kindred spirit, Mr. Longfellow, that captures the beauty of what you open our eyes to!

For you, Kyle and all your Persistence buddies, from your kindred spirit, Mr. Longfellow...

Our hearts are with you, Persistence! No matter what the good Lord sends, be steadfast, and climb!

For through your painstaking courage and love, a ladder of hope has been woven through our hearts! Climb, persistence, soar!
And know our hearts are bound to yours!

Our hope beckons us to trust the rungs on the ladder cast before you, that despite the unknown path ahead, someone will be there to guide you!

Saint Augustine once wrote about the power of the imagination, where God touches our human spirit, and summons us to build “a ladder”.

Longfellow reflected upon Augustine's writings, concerning the potential of the ladder, and suggested that we build this ladder from all that yet awaits to be transformed within ourselves and in one another.

Longfellow draws from the spirit of St. Augustine, by suggesting we boldly rise up and climb that ladder, to a place where journeying hearts are summoned to attain what God has prepared for us through life’s explorations …

Longfellow summons us to build this ladder upward, a ladder that is made of all that we encounter on our journey … daring to become that which we could have never imagined or achieved by ourselves…

He tells us that according to St. Augustine, the ladder we build must cast beneath our feet, those deeds of shame we’ve witnessed, the obstacles we are faced with, and all the vices that seek to destroy the great gift of Life that has been given to us …

The ladder must be built upon …
St. Augustines Ladder ( Longfellow)

...All common things, each day's events,
That with the hour begin and end,
Our pleasures and our discontents,
Are rounds by which we may ascend.

The low desire, the base design,
That makes another's virtues less;
The revel of the ruddy wine,
And all occasions of excess;
The longing for ignoble things;
The strife for triumph more than truth;
The hardening of the heart, that brings Irreverence for the dreams of youth;
All thoughts of ill; all evil deeds,
That have their root in thoughts of ill;
Whatever hinders or impedes
The action of the nobler will;--

All these must first be trampled down
Beneath our feet, if we would gain In the bright fields of fair renown
The right of eminent domain.

We have not wings, we cannot soar;
But we have feet to scale and climb
By slow degrees, by more and more,
The cloudy summits of our time.

The mighty pyramids of stone
That wedge-like cleave the desert airs,
When nearer seen, and better known,
Are but gigantic flights of stairs.

The distant mountains, that uprear
Their solid bastions to the skies,
Are crossed by pathways, that appear
As we to higher levels rise.

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.

Standing on what too long we bore
With shoulders bent and downcast eyes,
We may discern--unseen before--
A path to higher destinies.

Nor deem the irrevocable Past,
As wholly wasted, wholly vain,
If, rising on its wrecks, at last
To something nobler we attain.

Sometimes, I think that Natalee is calling us to build a ladder that raises up her painful truths for all the world to see, a ladder that raises up hope for children everywhere to climb up from beneath the evil that seeks to crush our beloved children, a ladder that allows children to climb above the hands of wicked men, a ladder of hope that offers our children new life, where they can attain the blessed sacredness to which they were called…

We attain hope, Persistence, and dare to climb upon your ladder, because you dare to be there…building that ladder of hope that rises up from beneath the sea, and offers Hope for all of us and Natalee!

God bless you and thank you so very much!


Sharon/Tx said...

TES passed out bottled water at a function with Natalee's picture and info on it. There she was, a beautiful young lady with water behind her. I held it in my hand as I held back tears and wished I could search Aruba's waters. Thank you Kyle, thank you. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle there is nothing wrong with taking a break. If the seas are too rough, take caution and take good care of yourselves.

Your writing is beautiful. There is a second career awaiting you if you ever tire of being a scientist.

Keep your head up. We are behind you and your efforts. From a nation that cares, keep up the good work!

USA behind the Persistence!

Anonymous said...


January 4, 2008 6:32 PM


Is this a language barrier or do you have the wrong ship? It's the PERSISTENCE, not the PESTILENCE.

Anonymous said...

Please becareful through this harsh weather. We all care about your safety.

I had a dream last night. I was not even thinking about Natalee or all of this before I went to sleep. I ended up waking up asking what. I could not believe I had a dream that I was on Aruba and that the Aruban officials were trying to drug us and it seemed that all Aruba knew where Natalee was and it wasn't a secret because its happened before in the past, before Natalee. She did come to me to tell me that we are close.

I hope this means you all will find her soon. I really hope so. I am very surprised I had a dream like this last night.

Please be safe in this weather and we are praying for you all and a breaking news ahead...

Good luck!

Birmingham, Alabama!

ironman said...

To the crew on the
"RV Persistence"

I pray for Strength and endurance for all of you men, I know what it's like to be out in the ocean and tossed about like a ball going down rapids, you have been out there so long and have held up remarkably, for none of you have thrown up your hands and have said you have nad enough of this..
For how many others would perseve as you have the numbers are few and far in between..

May God Comfort and Strengthen you for the rest of the Duration..


Edward said...

I really enjoy reading your style of writing. It is as though I am there with you, less the sea sickness :}
Thank You for doing this amazing thing on Persistence.
Thank you also for taking us on your journey with you by posting pictures and your thoughts here for all of us to read.

Monterey bay area

Anonymous said...

... Natalee is still somewhere ...
So many people still feel her pain.
Natalee has a strong will to be found.
Natalee looks like the type that is smart and could out-wit those that harmed her .
If she's anything like her mom and dad she will bring them all down and find a way back home to all of us.
I haven't lost the Faith that she still could put a victorious ending to all this. Even if she's looking from above.
I pray she is found by the crew of Persistence.

Anonymous said...

Kyle and crew:

Our hearts and souls are with you each and every hour of the day in your quest to find Natalee. You truly are our heroes.

God Speed

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary words for extraordinary efforts. Good luck in your quest and thank you for posting so lyrically.

carpe said...

Natalee, I pray each and everyday for you to be found. You have an all-star team of angels looking out for you. I think you will be coming home very soon, my dear.

lousw said...

Our anxiety level is high as we patiently sit and wait for the Persistence to find the treasure that they so hope to find, that treasure being one lost, loved young woman named Natalee.

We pray that the quiet inner voice you hear is getting stronger as you near your goal. The whole world is watching and waiting and praying that this may finally be the end of many months of unknowing and immense heartbreak. So many people from all over have written so many wonderful thoughts, prayers and poems for you, the caring and dedicated team of searchers, and for those who made the search possible. It truly shows that there is love in this world that can not be surpassed nor suppressed. This love has been brought forth for all to see because of one beautiful soul, Natalee.

God bless you each and every day as you continue with this effort for Natalee and her families.

texasmom said...

Kyle and Persistence Crew,
Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I know that the seas have been rough and you must be exhausted. You will never know just how grateful so many people are for your heroic efforts. From what I hear one of the suspects and his wife watched from the beach today; I pray that God will find a way to touch their cold hearts and encourage them to do the right thing. God Bless All of You!

Observer said...

Hello Persistence!!

Just wanted to send you a friendly greeting from the chilly East Coast USA :)Each day is a new day and I am hoping and praying that Natalee's day is today. We are all proud of you guys and the sacrafice you have made for this young girl.

If you know where Natalee is,then this is the place to send a anonymous message. Natalee was only 18 years old and deserves to be laid to rest back in her home town. Please do whats right.

sirensong said...

If I could take the discomfort for you all of being on that boat for so long, I would. I pray for you all daily, and I know prayers are answered, because the Lord sent you. Angels, each and every one of you. Thank you, God bless you and know we are all out here cheering you on! Thank you Kyle for the updates, and inspiring words. Sending love and prayers.

r&s_MA said...

thank you for the updates. praying the weather breaks for you. you are all in our hearts and prayers.
God Bless! hope the seas calm and your progress continues.

raz,sharon and family

Anonymous said...

No posts on Jan 7 or Jan 8 yet from the bloggers or from the site, no update. What is going on?
Waiting in suspence...

Anonymous said...

Is the search over?

Sharon/Tx said...

I hope the seas have calmed and that you and the crew are doing well. Look towards the horizon and the sun and keep your spirits up. I hope you feel the prayers coming your way! Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I was nervous these past 2 days. I would rather you lose internet connection then to hear the search is over.
Thanks for your dedication as the seas are rough. Please becareful.

Yes, as someone else stated.

Anybody that has any information please leave it on here or call anonymous, we all just want to find her.

Good luck Crew on Persistence, we are praying with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Persistence crew! We are behind you in California. Let's pray together as Americans to bring beautiful Natalee home to Alabama.

I would also like to see the three plus the father punished once and for all for their crimes against a beautiful young woman who had her life in front of her.

Natalee had more potential in her little finger than the collective intelligence, or lack thereor, of that entire stinking island.

Anonymous said...

Kyle tell the crew to hang in there and not to get discouraged. I wish I could be there helping you guys out. You guys are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

God Bless each one of you. Thank you for the update. Your writing is beautiful. You all have a good heart and we all appreciate each one of you for what you are doing.

r&s_MA said...

Good to hear the seas are better. hope everyone feels our prayers and good wishes,as well as our appreciation of your search and sacrifice of time away from loved ones. You all are in our prayers. god bless! thank you for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Kyle, you had posted that your search had nothing to do with thought-print analysis by Andrew Hodges and bizarre theories. On his website you can read where he refutes that completely:

According to Hodges and he is quite detailed about it, the search is entirely based on his pseudo-science conclusions about the cage from his nonsensical deductions from three Deepak emails, which really told nothing more that the statements he also gave to the police (now published). Typical of the Hodges' logic? That when Deepak speculated that Natalee might have ended up in a crack house that he was referring to a fish trap (crack meaning the slots in a trap and house defining the cage). Hodges gives a time-line which simply doesn't fit with known phone and computer records. That's just sad and sick.

Even sadder is that the trip has been funded and guided by this kind of distorted reasoning. I'm sure you can't publish this. You seem to be a nice person, a logical man, but to associate your own credentials with the likes of this without some kind of public distancing is, in my opinion, a mistake. The police said that their investigations revealed that no fish trap was stolen. Hodges in this recent statement says he was able to find one of the fisherman, who told him that the trap wasn't actually stolen in a break-in, but that it was just being stored outside the huts and was just missing. That's not only a major change in the long told rumor (that it was taken in a break-in), but, none of these fisherman ever told this to the police (it's not in any of their statements to the police). Hodges appears to be an opportunist who has now made up new information just to serve his own interests. I honestly, feel sorry that a person of your character has become involved in this grand charade. Hodges is an evil, cruel man to do this to Dave Holloway and all the people involved with your search.

sirensong said...

Wow! 57 sq. miles!! Awesome. Congrats! Kyle, you should write a book! Your updates are captivating. I am one woman in California that is so proud of this team! God Bless

Anonymous said...

The emotional nature of the search can cause one to overlook the awe inspiring exploration of uncharted territories. Thanks for the reminder. We truly are all connected by water and history, and by the love of a parent for their child. I note that you do allow varying viewpoints here, but until/unless the someone(s) who know the truth tell it, your actions have value and they continue to speak louder than words. The power of deduction beats the powerlessness of despair.

Love has no pricetag.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the search? Is it nearing an end? Is the mapping of the ocean floor just one phase of the search?

Hodges Fan said...

To perspicacious:

Why all the criticism of Dr. Hodges? His analysis of the emails and other writings advanced theories already in play. A lot of research and time has gone into this mission. Sure, this type of science is relatively new. Remember that once upon a time surgeons balked at the idea of microscopic bacteria and thousands of patients died as a result. Now surgeons scrub and wear gloves.

Let's not be so critical of this new and exciting science you call, "pseudo-science." I am fairly certain Dr. Hodges has a greater level of education in psychiatry than yourself.

It is possible that Natalee may not be in the ocean, though many of us feel this is unlikely. The mission, whether they are successful or not helps in the fact that they can more or less "rule out" certain areas of the ocean if she is not located there.

You are completely discounting the human factor. The Holloways love and miss their daughter very much. Sensitive and loving people who have advanced ocean exploration skills (crew of Persistence) are willing and happy to give their time to this family.

Many fundraising efforts went into this planning as well. People ask all the time about "other" missing people and why is so much time being devoted to finding this person. Well, the answer is easy.... Her parents and friends never gave up hope. They worked their tails off to collect donations to pay for this effort.

Most parents at some point give up hope, realize their child is gone, and move on. I would only hope that if I were lost, my parents would devote this type of dedication and effort to finding me.

Good luck in your continued efforts Persistence!

Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hodges fan. There is a degree of success in lack of success. If you don't search you never know, right? Dave Holloway has been waiting for 2+ years for this search. Even with all the equipment and qualified personel it is still a shot in the dark. The human spirit dictates that we still want to hope against all of the obvious odds that the crew of Persistence will find Natalee Holloway!

r&s_MA said...

Wow! It's amazing, we tend to forget the high tech that makes this possible. We are all watching your updates and Proud of all of you. again thank you. god bless! praying for all!

Sharon/Tx said...

See Kyle! There IS power in prayer. I am so glad the seas have calmed for you. Don't let the negative comments get you down. What YOU are doing is the only way we will ever have peace of mind. I admire your writing, your expertise and your compassion. I pray that the Lord guides you and protects you and gives you neverending strength.

Anonymous said...

translations from the VDS interview are trickling out on Scared Monkeys. I think you guys must be getting very close. They seem scared and desperate to make this all go away.

Good luck and keep up God's work to find Natalee, our beautiful angel.


Anonymous said...

Interview Joran and parents Joran wit Paul & Witteman (journalist) and Peter R. de Vries Crime fighter.

Anonymous said...

I pray each day that God will show Natalee to you and she can be brought home to her final resting place. Thank you and your team and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Kyle, your words inspire! None should ever lose hope that you will locate Natalee's body. You & all of the crew stay safe & Blessings to all for the sacrifices being made.Blessings to Dave, Beth & families.
Pueblo, Colorado

Brad said...

Who is paying the $50,000 a day cost for this search? In three months this would mean 4,500,000 spent.

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